ZHA - IKEA TRADFRI - 5 Button Remote - Color Lights

Check out this blueprint to simulate the IKEA TRADFRI Remote (5 button version) through ZHA events.

Holding down the power button will reset the light to normal. Holding down the other buttons cycles through the same function and stops on release.

Button Action
Power Toggle the light
Dim-Up Increase brightness
Dim-Down Decrease brightness
Right Change color
Left Change saturation

Get started

Click the badge to import this Blueprint: (needs Home Assistant Core 2021.3 or higher)

Open your Home Assistant instance and show the blueprint import dialog with a specific blueprint pre-filled.

Or import this Blueprint by using the Gist URL:


Hoping I could use this one because the one from frenck does not seem to do what it is suppose to for me (sorry frenck)

but on importing the blueprint i get this error:
Invalid blueprint: Unknown selector type text found for dictionary value @ data[‘blueprint’][‘input’][‘remote_ieee’][‘selector’]. Got OrderedDict([(‘text’, OrderedDict([(‘multiline’, False)]))])

Testing is now…
[Edit] Can you retry please. I om not able to recreate the issue.

it is ust when trying to import the gist blueprint. I’m running HA with nabu casa, maybe that is causing it? (other BPO’s work fine)

Strange… To all who read this: I’m curious if someone else is experiencing this issue too.

I also have the same as an automation, you can check out this post.

Sorry, didn’t get back to you. But I think it was due to some Node Red flow messing things up.

Hi Niro, seems to work very well and just what my little one would like in her room. Just one question in the blueprint which section do I need to change if I want the hold power button to reset to a normal light with around 3800k colour temperature?

Hi Christoph,

You can fork the blueprint from here: homeassistant-config/zha_ikea_tradfri_5button_remote_color.yaml at master · niro1987/homeassistant-config · GitHub

On your own fork, you need to modify the URL on line 14 of the code to your own.

The Long-Press action is defined from line 123 to line 135.

Just set the ligth in the mode you want it to and take the hs_color values from Developer Tools.
Open your Home Assistant instance and show your state developer tools.
Obviously you can also change it so that it sets the color_temp value instead.

brightness: 254
color_temp: 390

When you are happy, you need to import the blueprint from your own url

p.s. If you’re not up to making these changes, give me the color_temp you want and I’ll share a blueprint url with it.

hello your bleuprint work very nice and i have a question i have wled led pixels and i would like a function at eg double press to link previous effect and double press to right next effect could you make this very nice thanks in advance?

Hi Jarne,

The 5 button remote does not supports double click events.

hello can you do it for the single press so the left single press previous effect and the right single press the next effect and double press leaving the color to change is very handy so this would be possible would be very nice thanks in advance ?

Hi Jarne,

Have a look at my other Blueprint: ZHA - IKEA TRADFRI - 5 Button Remote - Custom Actions

hello with the just custom actions I can’t consult the wled effect so it would be really useful if you could add this as I say above thanks in advance?

I have no experience with wled. Perhaps you can tell me what service call you execute to change the wled effect.

Developer Tools > Services

Open your Home Assistant instance and show your service developer tools.
From what I can find, you need to specify the “Name or ID of the WLED light effect”. This would mean you can only link one effect to each of the buttons.
The other option is to use a random effect as described here

hello the wled effect are called on by the Attributes effect_list see picture with everything the wled can do hopefully you can continue like this?

Hello all, I am testing this blueprint with ZHA.

The press and hold of power butten works perfectly
I can dimm all my lights

But color changing does nothing.

I have tried only ikea bulbs, one bulb, multiple bulbs, other brands and mixed. But the colour button does nothing.

Can it be that this blueprint has been broken with an update of Home Assistant?



Hi thanks for this blueprint just importing some ikea lights and the ikea remote…
Connected the devices throug zigbee2mqtt but if i want to make an automation of this blueprint.
I cannot select a devices remote. No matching devices found
What is going wrong here?
Remotes are not available as devices but as entities?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Great blueprint! Thanks so much for your work!

The perfect application for myself would be the Left/Right buttons to cycle through an input select table of “chosen colors” (or even scenes). There’s really only about 4 or 5 colors besides “warm white” that i’d ever want.

I’m playing with eiditing your code, but it’s probably a bit ambitious for a first project!

Thanks much!

Great idea! I’ll have a look as well.

Input Select :eyes:

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what might be reason that when blueprint is imported I cannot find any tradfri pilot available? (in fact I have 5 of them, visible in other HA places)

UPDATE: doing it dozens of times (restarts, clearing browser etc) some pilots appears but only those added to HA via Ikea integration :smiley: so whole blueprint doens’t make sense for me. How to make pilots added via mqtt visible here?

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