ZHA integration support for ZGP (Zigbee Green Power) devices via zigpy?

If anyone else has “Friends of Hue” (FOH) devices that are white-label products made in partnership with Philips/Signify and based on the standard EnOcean PTM 215Z module with just a custom switch cover (like example Niko 91004, NodOn CWS-4-1-01_HUE, Vimar 03906, Sunricher SR-ZGP2801K4-FOH-E, LED-Trading 9125, Feller 4120.2.S.FMI.61) then I suggest that you test pairing/joining it to ZHA and post feedback in zha-device-handlers repo about which exact Zigbee Coordinator and firmware you tested with → [Device Support Request] Add Friends of Hue Zigbee Green Power EnOcean Switch · Issue #2477 · zigpy/zha-device-handlers · GitHub

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FYI, there is now an initial code pull request draft for the zigpy library to add initial support for a proper ZGP (Zigbee Green Power) implementation. From the comments it is still unclear which Zigbee stacks will work (e.i. radio type of Zigbee Coordinator radio adapters), and likely it will initially not be supported to pair ZGP devices directly with the Zigbee Coordinator and instead the initial implementation might only support ZGP end devices via ZGP proxy devices (e.i. Zigbee 3.0 compatible Zigbee Router devices acting as a ZGP proxy).

If you can program in Python and are interested in helping out with the implementation then note that the developer of that new code pull request for zigpy is currently only asking for help from other developers in reviewing his code patches there (end-users should not post there unless already know how to contribute with code testing without handholding), so testers without coding expertise should wait until this first pull request has been merged and the ZHA integration has been updated with newer zigpy release version that has it merged/committed → Zigbee Green Power Support by konistehrad · Pull Request #1282 · zigpy/zigpy · GitHub

Please, if you just want to ”+1” or discuss off-topic workarounds that are not actually not directly related to zigpy then this specific issue in the zigpy repository is not the place to do that. Please don’t post here, instead post in Home Assistant community forum.

End-users can also find more information in the GitHub feature tracker issues but also refrain from posting there → https://github.com/zigpy/zigpy/issues/341

The way to only ”+1” this without spamming the developers then is to simply press the thumbs up emoji :+1: on the GitHub posts.


Again, also wote and post in the(se) existing Home Assistant community forum thread(s) as that is still the best way to show your interest in this.

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FYI, while it was initially looking like only newer Silicon Labs EFR32MGxx and Texas Instrument CC26xx/CC13xx based adapters would get ZGP support in the work-in-progress patch that the zigpy developers are working on, Dresden-Elektronik’s has now also released ConBee III (ConBee 3) Zigbee Coordinator adapter with ZGP-capable firmware. (I assume this means that ConBee 2 and RaspBee 2 or older deconz adapter are likely to not ever get support for ZGP support under ZHA, but at least there is hope for ConBee fans):

Following this thread for a while now - hoping to get my friends-of-hue wall switch operational with ZHA. Looks like this is where the magic is happening now:
Would be awesome if this could make it into one of the upcoming HA releases!

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No that actually unrelated (which is mentioned if you read the comments there), instead you need to wait for this upstream pull request to be completed and then merged into the zigpy library → https://github.com/zigpy/zigpy/pull/1282

OK, thanks for clarifying. That one doesn’t seem to have as much activity in the last couple of weeks. Patience…

I read that a tree fell on his house so I am sure that he has been busy with that, so yeah, have patience. He has posted here that he still plan to get back to it when ge can:

FYI, it looks like development might have started up again on this ZGP pull request:


FYI, from the comment here by konistehrad related to ZHA Device Handlers version 2 (ZHA-Quirks V2) architectural design developer discussion it sounds as he now has some time again to continue working on his ZGP pull request for zigpy:

Still no news in Zigbee Green Power Support by konistehrad · Pull Request #1282 · zigpy/zigpy · GitHub so we do not know when or if that PR will get merged into zigpy.

The CSA ( Connectivity Standards Alliance, formerly the Zigbee Alliance) has hower since released updated Green Power Revision 1.1.2 specifications for Zigbee-based Energy-harvesting Technology:

The latest revision of the Green Power standard, Revision 1.1.2 (Zigbee PRO Green Power feature specification Basic functionality set version 1.1.2) introduces additional features and scripts that simplify testing and allow Green Power developers to use the same unified test harness for Green Power receiver products as used for the traditional Zigbee protocol.


are there any news about ZGP for ZHA?

thanks for any information

Unfortunate not any good news as konistehrad only posted in the pull request that he is swamped with other stuff but can assist if someone else qould be willing to pick up leading the development.

You can read/follow developers progress yourself in Zigbee Green Power Support by konistehrad · Pull Request #1282 · zigpy/zigpy · GitHub but please do not post there yourself unless you are a developer yourself that can help out for real.