ZHA: Migrate existing network to new coordinator?

I want to migrate my existing network of 10 ZHA devices from a CC2531 to a CC2652 based coordinator. I realize that I cannot add a second ZHA integration and then one-by-one move my devices over. It appears I have to completely remove the existing integration then add a new ZHA integration for the new coordinator. I assume I will loose all Zigbee device and entity names in the process, including from my automations.

Is there a recommended best approach to such a migration?


There must be at least one person who has done this before. Pretty please :slight_smile:

You should have a zigbee.db file in your config directory. I believe that database contains all your devices you have configured. So when you restart with the new coordinator, it’s discovery process should match things back up.

but I could be wrong… :slight_smile:

At least that’s what happened to me when I uninstalled ZHA, installed Zigbee2mqtt… didn’t like it, uninstalled and reloaded DeConz… remembered why I left it in the first place… deinstalled it and reinstalled ZHA and… voila! all my stuff came back!

I don’t believe you can migrate seamlessly from the 2531. Best approach is to just swap out sticks, don’t remove ZHA. Rejoin everything and it will keep your entity names.

Actually, the developer of zigpy-znp helped me migrate from one to the other today. He has a piece of as-of-yet unreleased code that can backup the network and restore it to a different device. I did that earlier today and it worked (almost) without a hitch. He says it should get released in a few weeks to the public. Great stuff.

Thank you @Dixey and @walt for your responses, I appreciate it!

Hi ObiYawn, woud you mind sharing?
I want to migrate from a CC2531 that is to unstable to a Conbee 2 but I have a large numbers of devices and automations and I’m dreading to do the work al over again

You can go from TI to EZSP or vice versa or same platform (EZSP to EZSP). However, can’t migrate to or from Conbee at all.

Hi Walt, thank you for your answer. When I’m reading my question now I’m understanding how stupid a question it was.
Conbee has its own platform and isn’t native ZHA.
Thank you

FYI, there is more (zigpy) development information on that in [RFC] Unified radio command line interface and standard network backup format · Issue #557 · zigpy/zigpy · GitHub

He is working together with zigbee2mqtt developer ZNP Adapter Manager/Backup Refactor by castorw · Pull Request #303 · Koenkk/zigbee-herdsman · GitHub

They are working on a universal backup format in GitHub - zigpy/open-coordinator-backup: Open Zigbee coordinator backup format

Actually, ZHA supports ConBee/RaspBee adapters nativly via their deconz serial protocol interface. There is however not yet any backup or restore tools available via for deconz serial protocol interface.

Hi @ObiYawn does the code you are referring to altso work from a CC2531 to a Conbee II ? if so, can you then help me getting started?.

there is no migration path to or from a Conbee. just not enough insight into the lower level of the devices like with the TI and SiLabs radios.

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just out of curiosity, what was the main reason you choose ZHA over DeConz ?

First reason was my deConz mesh kept going offline for 5 minutes every hour and I couldn’t determine why.
Second, I am making the assumption zha will be better supported as a component of Home Assistant vs. a 3rd party addon.

So far, switching to zha has removed the mesh going offline all the time. Technically I do not know why, it could just be coincidence but… I will not argue with success. Now on the better support… the jury is still out. Some of the fuctionality and device attributes which I had with deConz are not available with zha (i.e. temperature and tilt angle reporting with some Aqara devices) and my requests to the developers for them have gone unanswered.

Big picture, the switch to zha was manual and painful (70 devices here) but I am not regretting the switch.

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Thank you for your answer, I have some complain to deconz too. I am still with few elements so I was wondering if it was worth to try. It is a big switch anyway because I have a lot of automation and the entity are … 29 my HA is saying :slight_smile: so … If I will have a couple of days to try, will save the configuration and will try to migrate and will see.
Again tnx :slight_smile:
Have a good day. M.

I am trying to migrate to a new zigbee stick. I removed my previous dongle, deleted the ZHA, restarted the Pi, and plugged in the new stick. I added ZHA integration and I get two Serial Paths; one with USB and one with AMA. AMA one is not working correctly as it fails to connect in the final step. But the USB serial works. All the previously connected devices appear as well but they are still connected to the previous coordinator, not the new one. The new one is visible in the diagram as well. The previous coordinator (now unplugged) is shown as “unk device” “unk model”. How do I start a new integration or migrate all the devices to the new one?
Tried adding them one by one by add as child option via the new stick. They got discovered but still appear to be connected to the old stick. How do I delete this old ghost device?

Hi into file editor, config and delete ZigBee.db
Should work then.

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Thanks. That worked!

Please consider voting for a backup feature in ZHA UI here:


Had an identical issue. Did you have to manually re-add each device? In my case I had to go one by one, which involves bringing the ladder with me, etc. Long and painful process, which could be prevented by a simple feature.