Zigbee2mqtt: getting rid of your proprietary Zigbee bridges (Xiaomi, Hue, TRADFRI)


I have a Xiaomi Door/Window sensor on my back gate - been there about 6 months (bear in mind that is all through the winter) and no issues at all.

Interestingly, my Zigbee2mqqt usb stick is about 15 feet away from the gate, just in the kitchen next to it. My zigbee map shows the back gate is using a hue bulb as a router to connect to - this is 2 rooms away about 30 feet and 3 walls away so I think the CC2531 signal is quite poor.


So this sensor is exposed to rain too and it still works?


Yep, also still stuck on using the original tape on the back of the sensor :slight_smile:


Thanks for this. Very useful. Did you consider using a clear polythene bag to seal in the electronics and decided to chance it or?


Also dipping the sensor in something like transparent plastidip could be a good idea.



And here is is currently…in the rain :slight_smile:

I have probably jinxed it now and it will break lol


@markbajaj I’m in the same boat now.
Hopefully the link quality is good enough.


Thanks @tomba - that it a decent wqorkaround.

Can anyone tell me how to fix the root cause? i have Zigbee2MQTT addon on hassio and using discovery.



wow, never thought to try one outside as I just assumed it wouldn’t last. I’ll be trying that too!


They are cheap, we can give it a try :wink:


Don’t forget you have to open it at some point to change the battery.


You are right and I also thought about that. The good thing about plastidip is that you can remove it (it’s like a rubber skin that you can pull off, usally used for paint spraying rims). And after changing the battery you can dip it again.

But as you see above I also try it the “brave” way now.


ah yes, I have some white plastidip too (used to waterproof some custom 3d printed cases for my outdoor Pi cameras - works a treat!), but as you say might as well try “Au Naturel” first. :slight_smile:


I want to use the water sensor as sensor for my postbox (door sensor doesn’t work in it, bad reception in it, because of metal case).

So I want to place it outside in lead a sensor with cables in it.

I want to autodiscover this sensor. So I think it will report its state somewhat like “water” and “no water”.

Do you know if its possible to overwrite this in customize.yaml to a normal on/off binary sensor?


Why would the water sensor have a better range?


water sensor > wire > contact sensor.

So the water sensor will be outside the metal box.


OK I see. You could do that with the door sensor.


you mean my opening up the aqara door sensor in desolder the reed sensor and but my own wires on it?

Or what else do you mean.

Because placing the door sensor in the post box doesn’t work (reception), as I mentioned before.


Yes that’s probably what he means. You could buy something like this:

And solder these on and even leave the original reed switch intact.


Yes I already have those sensors and I tried it with a modded Amazon dashbutton.
But they reset if you trigger them more than 5 sec.