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That’s at least worth a medal for the user! :nerd_face:

exactly how was I supposed to know my 1.5 year old system had an issue that would break z2m specifically when nothing else was giving me problems? I suppose im supposed to know that every time i have a problem it requires an entire nuke to a perfectly running system? So i followed the original directions, that didnt work. so i sought out support from the manufacturer from their own support chat system. that didnt work. I went into multiple forums here and there and found others with my issues. one guy had a bad solder joint. One guy never got his answer. One guy “fixed” his issue by unplugging and plugging back in (didnt work for me), another guy got his working and didnt know what he did. other than that there was no other information i could find. So i went through the setup and flashing instructions on his site and there i found my device was a newer one with slightly different markings and buttons. I found links to firmware that didnt work. I worked my way through each step of the process and had no issues, but HA still would not connect. thats when i gave up and came here to post my frustrations, after spending about 16+ hours with no progress. I finally found the creator in discord and he not only walked me through the entire process again, he spent 2 hours himself trying to set it up and still could not. At the time of his posting here, he was still unsure if i ever got it working and was ready to throw in the towel and refund my purchase. I literally got no where and eventually had to nuke my install, give up on restoring backups, and have been totally rebuilding all my automations. but yeah thanks for the medal… way to be a jerk.

Here and discord are single locations where i can provide support. Chat on website are also hut better support is here,discord and telegram.
We will solve your issue for sure. I dont have any doubts about this.
Please ping when have a clean system.

Thanks so much for mine, it and the previous non-POE model are great!!
Keep up the good work

Ive already posted in discord. I have got it all up and running. thank you.

This is a community driven help forum but not a rant nor a accusation platform. If you have followed the guidelines of the forum on How to help us help you - or How to ask a good question I am pretty sure no jerk would have shown up but plenty of helpful hands would have reached out to you ready to guide you through the problems you’ve encountered with the Coordinator/Router.

Like always: It’s not what you say, but how you say it.

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I wrote to the e-mail address with the problem, but I did not receive a reply.

Had a problem with mail hosting,now available to receive and answer emails.

:warning: :warning: :warning:LilyZig Reliability :warning: :warning: :warning:

Hi all, ZigStar Lilylig will redraw from sales and will replace with another PoE board, unfortunately LILYGO TTGO T-Internet-POE was proven unreliable for 24/7 work , in next 1-2 weeks will replace existing project with PoE from Olimex,i hope Olimex is more reliable like gateway what is working 24/7.

And do existing customers get this for free?

That might be asked too much from a small startup / enthusiastic tech guy. Maybe a discount on a future purchase as a goody?
Let‘s share the pain on this one. We asked for PoE. we got PoE but there was no time for doing any long term reliability and durability tests so things like this can happen.

Yeah,existing guy who have a PoE version and will have a problem,i will replace with new version for free,but will need to return the old one back.
Problem with LILYGO TTGO T-Internet-POE is that some of the boards die after some time. Only PoE part of the board,so you can still use the board,but is using power over USB.

Statistic says that from 200 pcs sold - 12 pcs die after some time, for me this is not a good statisctics.

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Hi ,

I’m quite interested in the zigstar v4. I’m quite new to zigbee , currently most of my setup is esphome. I see that a lot of people have good results with stability and performance from the zig star products.
Do you know when they will back in stock again on the site ?
Also I take it, that it’s recommended to connect the zigstar stick via a male to female extension cable to get it away from the server machine , is this correct ?

With my very limited knowledge of zigbee , could someone explain the benefit of the gateway over the stick ?

Thanks in advance

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Hi,we are now in small vacation,during 10 days hope to be back to town and retake sales.
I will keep udated.

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I received the repaired replacement part, thank you for the correct attitude!

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Hi there — I placed an order a few days ago. Did you receive it? Thanks. PayPal says that the order has not yet been processed.

I am in pain because my ZiGate device simply drops packets on the floor every day with only 31 ZigBee devices and I think your device is going to solve my problem.

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Hi,for all order related questions drop an email or check zig-star.com contact page.

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Email sent.

When there will be stock for the lan versions?

Hi,yes,we are back to stock today.