Zwave.js fails to update to 0.1.49

I wonder if there is a problem in my installation or in the backend?


I have the same problem.

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No one checks for existing problems any more ?

Weird, I actually did search for this problem, but it didn’t show up.

I also did a search and nothing came up, searched Google as well as here, nothing came up!! So I posted a request for help and got “spanked” for posting a duplicate.
With all this chastising going on for duplicate posts, honestly makes me wonder why we even call this a “help community”.
Some people are more interested in slamming people looking for help, than helping!
It would be interesting to know how fast the search engines picks up posts etc…

It’s easy to post links to duplicate posts after a day, and after they’ve been indexed! But from looking at those links two were posted within an hour of each other, and the others a few hours later.

Whatever makes people feel superior I suppose!

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How is your post helpful in anyway?
Posting the links to the other posts that don’t have a solution is helpful?

No, but asking people not to post all the time the same question is.

And it is posted on github already

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Good job! :+1:
I guessing @fribse must do this regularly?
Again top job :+1::trophy:

@sihartley Simon, let it go, I don’t mind :smiley: I have broad enough shoulders to take remarks like the helpfull ones from @francisp, the link to the githubpage was very nice, the rest, oh well :laughing:
Remember, that words written are much harder than words spoken (which people online often forget).


@francisp I don’t doubt your broad shoulders buddy :grin:.
I just thought the point of a community is to help, not discourage people.
You are obviously not a first time poster, and this guy seems to immediately jump to the conclusion that posters looking for help haven’t done any kind of research! Like all of us that posted around the same time didn’t first do some kind of sesrch for the error, and just posted away! :roll_eyes:
His entire contribution on this occasion was its been posted already, and its been posted on the github repo too. Which we now all know right 24hrs later.

I certainly don’t won’t to discourage you, but if there are 5 or more topics about the same problem, and a solution is found, where do you post the solution ? It is simply better if there is just one topic, so all people who have the same problem are informed at once.

Guys - Let’s stop here, and focus on the issue #2280 on GitHub. If any of us has anything to add that would help troubleshoot, information should go to that issue page.

Hope we have a solution soon.

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@francisp you haven’t discouraged me, and I’m pretty sure you haven’t discouraged @fribse :grin:.
What I’m trying to say is, you automatically presumed that people haven’t searched for a solution or a post regarding this issue, and proceeded to spend your time putting together an entire post about 5 other similar posts regarding the issue…
And made the presumption that all 5 posters didn’t search for this issue… Really, does that sound logical, especially in the case of @fribse when a quick look at his profile would tell you this is not a first time forum poster…
You were as quick to post a repeat post spanking for not researching the topic, without researching and thinking whether the poster is likely to not have done the research…

Regarding where the solution should be posted, it doesn’t matter does it, I would imagine a forum member like yourself would be happy to jump all over the multiple posters, and any new ones when the solution is found.
I would also imagine that when a solution is found the topics could possibly be merged, or even those individual posters will add a link to the solution in their initial post…
Not to mention the first solution will be undoubtedly posted in the git repo!

Again top job sir!
At the end of the day I think people come to, and participate in forums such as this for assistance, to assist, to gain, and spread knowledge.

And now we have the knowledge that there are multiple postings about an installation issue with Z-Wave JS 0.1.49… Right? :rofl::rofl:

Yep, and when the energy feature was introduced, I have posted the same solution in over 20 topics. And for the Tuya integration, in over 10 topics. And I would do it again, I just sometimes wish I should not have to do it.

@francisp Then I suggest you don’t, if it upsets you or frustrates you in any way.
I sincerely appreciate all the help and knowledge you bring to the table.

But think about this, if 5 posters have the same issue at the same time, don’t find a solution, should they just wait around in fear of creating a duplicate posting.

Because I for one, do not know the time frame for a post to be indexed on this forum, and certainly google…

Things aren’t just that simple bud…

@fribse @fribse @k8gg This has now been resolved, for me anyway, I just attempted installation of Z-Wave JS 0.1.49 and it updated without any issues!!
Thanks to @MustangMan for letting me know :grinning: in a reply to my original post!

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I would suggest doing a new post like ‘SOLUTION FOR xxx’ instead, and if needed, just refer to it :slight_smile:
I know the feeling, if you look at previous posts I’ve made, you will also see people hijacking them, or asking for a followup 2 or more years later, that’s just the way it is :wink:
And I for one really appreiciates peoples contributions, big and small, that’s what makes the HA community so great, and yes, there are lemons out there, and if you are too sour, you will be called out, but spread love, not hate.

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