Zwave/zigbee siren still not working in HA

I think I need to get one to work with HA now

You can already today…?

  1. This is not a WTH subforum related post.
  2. Your post makes little sense.
  3. You can already get z-wave and zigbee sirens, which work with HA.

Sorry, I mean zwave/zigbee siren still not working on HA.

I have 1 working… zwave

ZHA supports Zigbee sirens… I use one in my home.

Which devices you got?

I search the forum and not able to find much report on how to get it to work.

ZHA has device actions and services that can be used in integrations to invoke the siren.

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And I supposed once we migrate to Open z-wave, we have OZW1.6 so zwave one will work?

My two Aeotec Sirens work on good old Zwave (not the new beta) and always did. In fact they are the few Z-wave devices I still have. They worked from day one. I hardly had to take them out of the box before they had paired and they never disconnected. Unlike my Aeotec door/window sensors that were a nightmare and the main reason I moved to Zigbee (Deconz)

@KennethLavrsen do you got the gen5 or gen6? I read in one thread that it’s not working for someone as recent as May

see Support for Aeotec Siren 6

@dmulcahey I am seeing here saying need to use Deconz / Conbee with a script

How to get Heiman Siren with ZHA to work

I have a nortek zwave+zigbee…

Ah.OK I am on Gen 5.

I have not paid attention to Z-wave lately. It is a technology I am eliminating. I will build my own MQTT / ESP8266 based Sirens and then I have only two Aeotec multisensors left that I do not really need.

And then bye-bye Z-wave for me.

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Def not the case. I am the developer that added support to ZHA for them :slight_smile: and I have the nortek stick as well.

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That script is a service call… that is one way. There is also the device action that I mentioned

good to know… I might give that a try.

But I need to see how to run the power to it, since I need to place it somewhere not easy to reach in the case of some one break in my condo. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yeah… I think I want to escape the zwave world too. I only have 2 devices (a monoprice door sensor, and a heiman temp/hum sensor)

This works fine for me with ozw:

€ 22,29 20%OFF | Neo Coolcam Z-Wave Plus Sirene Alarm Sensor Compatibel with Z-Wave 300 Serie and 500 Serie home Automation

Multiple sounds, on off, etc.

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