0.116: Entities card row editor, restore snapshots and performance metrics

Most likely CTRL-F5 your browser.


I had a custom component also.

If it were only that simple :slight_smile:

Custom header stopped working and all my custom cards. Did a rollback to 115.6 for now. Maybe have another go in the weekend.

I had the same thing. Actually CTRL-F5 did not fix it at first, but clearing recent files/cache in browser did.

I think I remember if you go into developer mode and then do a CTRL-F5 that often works. Bottom line, the issues with the love lace add ins like custom header, and verttical stack are usually related to broswer cache.

read this on Custom Header and mourn

I lost an entire view. Clearing cache didn’t work for me. Rolled back, copied the card configurations, then rebuilt the view after updating to 116.0. I’ve removed Custom Header.

Anyone else have their zha-network-card stop working after the update? I had 0.115.6 running and the table populated correctly. Now with 0.116.0, I just get a blank page. Devices still seem functional from what I’ve tested so far.

I am not sure why I suddenly have a homekit device discovered after I upgraded. I don’t think I have seen this before and ignored it, but I may have.

My stepson has a iphone and an apple tv, and my newish LG tv has apple tv built in. Is is one of these devices that is causing this?

Ok, sure as soon as I type that, the page refreshed and the table contents are there. I’d done the CTRL+F5 refresh and a bunch of regular refreshes before that. Guess it just needed a minute. Carry on, nothing to see here.

must say, had a very smooth experience updating to 116, so much better than the 115… havent checked all the templating improvements yet, but expect a lot of that.

Too bad Ryan just announced the archival of Custom Header, which I really love… and use extensively.

only thing so far that doesnt comply is the custom dark-sky-weather-card.

So much so even that the full page isnt rendered… taking it out brings all back to life on that view. Anyone else having trouble with that card? (cant say I notice an error in the inspector console)

I do not see Battery Status for secondary line when I select Wyze sensor in Entities Card.
For Single entity card it does show Battery Status.

CRTL + F5 Not working for me either. Cleared cache, restarted, still same error.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the HomeKit Bridge integration discovered after upgrading to 0.116. I found in the release notes under “all changes”:

  • Add zeroconf discovery to homekit…

In my case, my iPad acts as a (Apple) Home Hub (setup under Settings). An Apple TV can also act as a Home Hub.

Now I can issue voice command to Siri to operate Home Assistant lights, switches, etc.

EZVIZ component is work?

Guys just check on DSM/Synology integrations and saw that its now support uptime. Wondering is this for 115 or 116? because on my 115 I have not seen this feature? Thanks…

For the Vera users out there this release will cause all your devices to reimport with default names in duplication to the existing ones.

From what I can tell the unique id in HA storage for the Vera component changed to allow for multiple hubs. It used to be the device number but now it includes a hub id and device id.

I took the “nuke and pave” method by removing the integration, re-adding it and renaming the new entities to match the old names. I was having issues deleting the old integration entities and with HA preventing the use of the existing entity ids.

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I’ve been meaning to update to Hyperion NG… thanks for the nudge!

It only took almost all day to get it working again. (Hyperion-NG I mean, not the integration with HA) Oh well. :blush:

Any idea why RAM metrics of supervisor do not match the sensor.memory_use_percent?
The former says Core RAM 15% and Supervisor RAM 5.5% while the latter says 40%.


I was looking for the secondary info and thought I would get it with the LEDs but doesnt seem I have.

Have I missed something ?

Thanks Martyn