2021.9.0: More energy, USB discovery, template ❤️


Following the instructions below fixed the issue for me.

Hey guys. To be 100% sure anyone reading this topic. Is fixing https://github.com/home-assistant/core/issues/55541 once and for all closes the subject of HA 2019 version causing restarts on RPi3? Ie. all users of this hardware can update from 2018 version? Sorry for that but having read this topis, most of the comments are regarding wrong testing and I do not see any clear message…

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Doesn’t seem to be the same issue. All my energy consumtion entities have correct kWh units. But I found a strange thing sensor.energy_meter_d_main_cost - entity which must contain sum of calculatation has EUR currency although I have RUB as main currency. Changed it to the right one through phpMyAdmin - will watch for changes.

Just a warning my DB is dead this morning, not 100% sure it was this that did it because it was fine until 4:12am this morning then died.

Error executing query: (sqlite3.DatabaseError) database disk image is malformed [SQL: DELETE FROM events WHERE events.event_id IN

Unrecoverable sqlite3 database corruption detected: (sqlite3.DatabaseError) database disk image is malformed [SQL: DELETE FROM events WHERE events.event_id IN

The system will rename the corrupt database file //config/home-assistant_v2.db to //config/home-assistant_v2.db.corrupt.2021-09-06T03:12:48.885687+00:00 in order to allow startup to proceed

Fingers crossed I’ve had no issues so far. :crossed_fingers:
I had to go back and edit the DB a second time as I missed changing one of the values.

I remembered to shut down HA the second time :smiley:

I have managed to recover my DB for now from this post, doing a sqlite3 dump of the corrupted DB to a new DB then renamed bits.

Something odd though, this is the ls -l within HA of my config directory

But if I samba to the directory it looks like this


You can see the oddly named files HTLSH5~5 is actually the corrupt DB

Anyway, I am back for now so fingers crossed it is sorted.

That is because : is an illegal char in a filename and samba doesn’t translate it properly.

I can’t recall, but I think it is illegal in windows but ok in linux, hence only samba being affected (MY memory is abut confused on that).

Ah makes sense, I copied the corrupt DB to my windows machine and ran an integrity check on my original DB I backed up before making the change and no errors.

On the corrupt one;

*** in database main ***
On tree page 35983 cell 15: 2nd reference to page 118249
On tree page 35983 cell 14: 2nd reference to page 86028
On tree page 35983 cell 13: 2nd reference to page 86110
On tree page 35983 cell 12: 2nd reference to page 86177
On tree page 35983 cell 11: 2nd reference to page 86379
On tree page 35983 cell 10: 2nd reference to page 86531
On tree page 35983 cell 9: 2nd reference to page 86539
On tree page 35983 cell 8: 2nd reference to page 86547
On tree page 35983 cell 7: 2nd reference to page 86557
On tree page 35983 cell 6: 2nd reference to page 86566
On tree page 35983 cell 5: 2nd reference to page 87831
On tree page 35983 cell 4: 2nd reference to page 118137
On tree page 35983 cell 3: 2nd reference to page 118236
On tree page 35983 cell 2: 2nd reference to page 118245


wrong # of entries in index ix_states_old_state_id

So it was not happy

EDIT - Just checked my new DB from the dump and no errors so hopefully all good now

Hi, did you solve this ? Since the 2021.9 update, all my picture elements show a loading indicator (blue spinning circle). Sometimes its pretty instant but other times it takes 1-5 seconds.
I use some 100x100 PNG files for icons (all in the www folder)

Maybe yes, but I think the whole point of the Energy dashboard is expenses (costs) management.
We have support for electrical energy and gas.
Gas can be used to produce energy, so does pellet, coal, wood, and other sources, but we don’t have support for all of them.
I think that support for water usage would be a nice addition. I’ll create a feature request and we can discuss that in the proper place.

No, apparently as it is a custom integration, it will not be supported or fixed. So the issue has raised with the owner of the custom card (custom:config-template-card).

See: https://github.com/iantrich/config-template-card/issues/78

Yes, it worked for my case. After manual update currency of broken energy cost sum entity(in my case - sensor.energy_meter_d_main_cost) from EUR to my configured currency RUB - calculation of energy cost is working again! :sunglasses:

OK thanks, strange though I am only using the built in HA picture elements card

As of 2021.9.3 the energy meter tab stopped showing values (the previous history exists).
The only hint in the log is the following:

Entity sensor.daily_energy_offpeak from integration utility_meter has state class total_increasing, but its state is not strictly increasing. 

Using shelly EM and energy meter with peak/offpeak configuration and those exact entities for the energy tab (daily_energy peak and daily_energy offpeak).

Anyone? :frowning:

I see the same thing for my peak and offpeak, I think it is just because they are in effect not increasing all time as the tariff changes.

I still have those messages and my energy panel is still updating so I don’t think that is your problem.

Hi. Thanks.

It seems that those properties don’t populate until the next update comes in from the end device. I switched the socket off and then back on again and the units populated and the entity started counting up. Many thanks for your help


I read the details above about reporting the costs of energy.

Is there a way to do this on a per entity basis under “monitor individual devices” ?

I have to admit, much of what’s been said so far hasn’t made much sense to me :frowning:

If someone could throw a link to a drowning man?


Mine looks like this if it helps;

I don’t think anything is 100% sure unless you try. I updated to 2021.9.2 with a Rpi3b+ with no issues. The memory usage reported is running high-ish (above 80%), I don’t recall it being that high in the past.

Between increasing CPU and memory (and increasing complexity of, and reliance on, my setup) as time goes on it may be time to start planning my move on from the RPi3.

Thanks for the tip. My memory usage Rpi3b+ with 2018 version is from 55 to 60%