2023.7: Responding services

thanks for the advice with activating the guest wifi and then reloading / restarting HA.
Now, I think I do have a solution for your issue with deactivating the GuestWifi:

You do have the entity to switch on / off the guest Wifi of your FritzBox.
Now, you can create an card with the following exception:

type: vertical-stack
  - type: tile
    entity: switch.fritz_box_7590_wi_fi_****_guest
  - type: conditional
      - entity: switch.fritz_box_7590_wi_fi_****_guest
        state: 'on'
      type: picture
      image_entity: image.fritz_box_7590_****_guest

This will provide a tile card with which the Guest Wifi can be enabled and disabled.
And based on the state, the QR Code will be shown or not:

Guest-Wifi Off:

Guest-Wifi On:

Check out the service call documentation: Service Calls - Home Assistant


Remote homeassistant breaks with this release. issue here: Remote HA Broken with 2023.7 beta Ā· Issue #236 Ā· custom-components/remote_homeassistant Ā· GitHub

Select the timezone to use/display, something so simple but so unbelievably handy. I live in Australia but work for a French company so my PC is always in a different T/Z having to change T/Z back and forwards drove me nuts - this simple change is soooooooo good :slight_smile:

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Confirm, noticing issue here too, for both custom yaml and default helpers

Just updated and now the following Integrations no longer appear to be working:

HomeKit Device - Using this for a Homekit Thermostat that was working fine on the latest 2023.6.x release
Tesla Wall Connector - Was working fine on the latest 2023.6.x release

Both showing ā€œfailed setup, will retryā€

I really feel good about this project and have no regrets ever supporting it. What I like most though, is the documentation and style of communication - top notch! Pretty hyped about this monthā€™s release!


not sure I understand this cryptic message? what exactly am I supposed to do here? didnt see a breaking change either

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You should (not?) check out frenckā€™s Spook: GitHub - frenck/spook: Spook šŸ‘» Not your homie

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Itā€™s likely the QNAP integration, whoā€™s YAML is now depricated.
When it was updated, there was a small miss in that it seems they forgot to include the data for the repair message to display. See below:

Same here.

Am looking forward to checking out some of the new features, but instead have spent the whole night trying to figure out why my Fully Kiosk integration isnā€™t working. I know this is now an official integration as of this release, but didnā€™t see anything in breaking changes. Looks like Iā€™m not the only one having issues: Setup failed for fullykiosk: Integration not found. Misery loves company! Note, was working perfectly for all of my kiosks prior to update.

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My history cards are freezing my Chrome browser and my iOS companion app after this update. Iā€™m using the built-in recorder/db. Didnā€™t have issues before this.

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anyone get deep linking to work with the apple tv for twitch?

Nice update. Upgrading from the beta right now.

Great work, tnx!

I had some catching up to do for my HA admin, great release. Thanks guys/gals.

Same here. It seems there is a limit of eight entities. I donā€™t know if this limit is new, but I have had more than that without issues before 2023.07.00. In my case, the history graphs that are freezing have more than eight entities on them.

Were you still using the HACS version? I got an alert before the new release yesterday that it was now archived and I needed to remove it. I had to move over to the official version now.

that documentation is not too clear yet tbhā€¦

trying to follow that using:


  - image:

      - unique_id: my_first_tmeplate_image
        url: >

# or use
        url: >

(note: I did make a typo thereā€¦) I get something really odd in the states:

first of all, the naming: with regular templates, those names are taken from the unique_id, and, if one does not set a name: the prefix template_ is added to the unique_id, and set as entity_id, and name. Following that logic, I would have expected:

image.template_my_first_tmeplate_image, and a friendly_name of template my first tmeplate image

also, the url seems to be incorrect (though the image file does exist):

so that url probably has the incorrect syntax.

all in all, this template image does not behave the same way the other templates do, even considering I made a few mistakes here

ive edited it a bit to:

      - unique_id: my_first_tmeplate_image
        name: My first template image
        url: '/local/images/bonen.jpg'
        picture: /local/images/bonen.jpg

and now get:

as proof the image is correct.

The url is not yet. Can anyone shed some light on the correct syntax/requirements for that please?


forget all of the above, thereā€™s an error in the log:

Request URL is missing an 'http://' or 'https://' protocol.

really odd the config checker does not error on that config error of mine

changing to:

      - unique_id: my_first_tmeplate_image
        name: My first template image
        url: 'http://<my_server>.local:<port>/local/images/bonen.jpg'
        picture: /local/images/bonen.jpg

cleared that up.

remaining is the odd naming convention, which is not consistent with other template behavior?