A refreshed logo for Home Assistant!

This your first post in the thread, so

  1. Who mocked you?
  2. which post or expressed opinion of yours was being mocked? (link please)
  1. oh, come on…
    In my opinion, it doesn’t matter whether it’s my first or tenth post in this thread… I’ve been reading here from the beginning and so far I’ve just held back… but at some point it’s enough.

I am not talking about me being directly mocked, but about people being mocked who expressed that they don’t like the new “refreshing” logo.
Mocked for example by a moderator in here → A refreshed logo for Home Assistant! - #206 by tom_l
EASY to do something similar with the new “refreshing” logo just to mock all those who like it. No?

  1. and why you are stepping in? I don’t remember addressing you directly.

Your screenshot doesn’t show the new logo vs the old one.

And the old one at that size nicely illustrates the need for something simpler in my opinion. It looks like a vaguely house shaped bug infestation.


Such a long discussion about a logo change. Anything else has to be great in home assistant. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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have the Market and User Research Data that clearly show the Logo had to change because of better actzeptance materialised yet?


Please don’t @ people demanding they reply to you.

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Yes, because I removed the new one. The screenshot shows the favicons of the URL of my HA and of the URL of this forum in a browser and was not meant as a comparison.

See, that’s what it’s about: taste and / or opinion. And I wasn’t aware that there is a need for a change in my work environment. :wink:

Why should the opinions of others influence or play a role in my work environment when I don’t agree?

Use it in marketing, on your websites and wherever you want, but not on my mobile. F.e. it would have been easy to leave the old logo within the Companion App so someone can choose which one to use (with an additional app).

Well, to me the new looks like a to small shed with some soldering points. Or is it an arrow?

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Hi Guys,

First of all, congratulations on your excellent work. Really excellent… However, I can’t go without commenting on the new logo. This one looks like a bad draft of the previous one. I’ve read a lot of explanations but the problem is there: An image needing explanations. The previous logo was self-explanatory, visually appealing, conveying an idea of robustness and perfectionism. In Portugal we have an expression: The best is the enemy of the good! And that’s the case, the logo may look great, but it’s not good.
I sugest that in the next version you put a vote section wiht a pole about the logo. Only two anwser’s: Like, dislike. Then you show the result. If the dislike wins make a logo contest, again with a pole.

Thank you so much for the nice work ( and for the no so nice logo :slight_smile: )


That could be fun. I mean, everyone is free to send a logo proposal.
First selection of, let’s say, 10 is made by the HA team, it is their product after all.
Then one organise a contest between the 10 nominees.


HUT assistant :wink:

I will roll with it. Keep up the great work!


May I say, that logo on the right (home-assistant.io) is already a lot more acceptable. Now just to get rid of that childish thing on the left in the UI, app’s etc.
Note: screen capture of the logo’s for recent sites as shown in Firefox, I did not configure anything myself.


Indeed some Really are !, others forget/accept faster, move on, and don’t let irrelevant things affect their live to such a great extend as “Some”

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i do wonder where the new notification icon [ios] came from… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

i am pretty sure i didn’t change anything there :thinking:
(i do like it though…i mean the background :stuck_out_tongue: )

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A life consists of millions of irrelevant things. It would be live without it.

Would this be considered a Frontend issue? Just set the entity picture and a dark background

Personally I believe this to be unexpected at least
I do seem to remember during the betas the update entities suffered this, and it was changed. This however is still happening, in a regular entities card with ( in this case) a device_tracker

Yeah it looks like a bug to me. How can it be reproduced?

with a simple customize:



      entity_picture: /local/home-assistant/icon.png

I did rename the icon, but that’s all

If you’re using an image, then your image isn’t sized properly, you need to adjust the icon size in the image. I.e. change the canvas to a larger size and move the image in the center.

All the entity_picture does is place the full image in the center of the circle. I.e. not a bug.


well, it’s the official HA logo, (not an mdi icon, but a .png, well that’s obvious from my yaml, sorry) and if it’s not a bug, it’s a side-effect of the design…

also, as I said above, we had this on the update entities, and that has been fixed. Maybe that same fix could be applied here.
let us have Maddalena look what can be done

It’s a side effect of you using an image where the object in the image is extended to the bounds of the canvas.

no… because picture_entities should expand the photo in question to fill the entire circle. You, yes you, need to modify the image so that it shows up the way you want it. Or you can just use the mdi icon and completely avoid this.