Add-on ideas

Anyone got the skills to take this and make it into a add-on? I have it running on my Pi now using Hassbian but believe it has to be an add-on with I have the docker file working on a Pi2 and Odroid C2 using Docker for LibreELEC and it works a treat but would be awesome to see this made available for

anyone did this?


I would love to see an HDMI-CEC add-on

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I like to see a PI-Hole add-on


I think pi-Hole would be a good add-on.


@xbmcnut, check out Repository: NotoriousBDG Add-Ons (Node-RED, HA Bridge, and Gogs) for an HA Bridge add-on.


Would this ( work in order to make a happy bubbles addon?

Thank you! I’ll give that a go.

I am using on my pi a vpn server. So maybe this would be useful:

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I would really like to see the following add-ons for HassIO

Components that are available for HASS are automatically available for HassIO. No addons required for the same.

Yes, that might be true. However, for Tellstick i need to manage the config file in order to set the parameters for each switch (which is usually done by editing the tellstick-config file in the terminal).

And for the Flic-buttons it seems like the Flic-service-repository needs to be installed.

And for MiFlora the bluetooth setup is not very well documented in HassIO yet, so not sure how to set this up…

VLC add-on would be nice :heart_eyes:

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I’m currently running HomeAssistant on the OSMC OS and have added the PS4-Waker. Both are working perfectly with Alexa as well. Any ideas how these can be created to the addons? I’m not too worried about OSMC/Kodi as I am getting another raspi3 for a NAS and might run OSMC on that. But the PS4-Waker is really great and I don’t want to miss out on that, any suggestions?

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@vkorn has a modified rest wrapped version of ps4 waker in his repo for Maybe give it a try?

Thanks! I’m already looking into that :slight_smile:

Pi hole :wink:

Would love to see an addon for Homegear (control Homematic devices), Docker image is available. :wink:

not sure if i’m right here but would love some RPC addon (all possibilitys to shut a pc via hass are a little bit awkward) and of course websockets-client. :smiley:

OpenCV addon would be nice, save a laborious installation process