Aqara Curtain Driver E1

Hi there,

I’m using five Aqara Roller Shade Driver E1 devices with HA & Zigbee2MQTT, those work like a charm. (Without the Aqara Hub, devices paired with my CC2652P-based Zigbee Coordinator)

Now Aqara has released their curtain driver (Aqara Curtain Driver E1).
Has anyone already tested the Curtain Driver E1 together with HA and Z2M yet? (Like for open/close commands, position, battery level?)


I don’t use ZHA or Z2M. I have got the curtain driver currently connected to the Aqara e1 USB hub which connects to home assistant as a HomeKit controller. The blind motor works fine through HA like that, I am hoping that the curtain just shows up and works once its paired to the hub. The only noticeable difference with exposing the blinds to HA and then exposing that to HomeKit is the obstruction detection info is not available, compared to if you directly use the hub connected to HomeKit.

Mine just arrived and my rods are too thin. But it has paired with ZHA and opens/closes ok.

I saw a video that there is upcoming battery indicator support but I couldn’t find the link to that.

Got two units and they are fully supported (including battery level) in Z2M :+1:
Although open/close positions have to be done manually by triple pressing the button on the device.

For those that have two of the curtain drivers, how do you get them to change rolling direction? I have one that understands the state it’s in (zha reports closed when it is in fact, closed), but the other reports as open when it’s closed. I’m a little new to this, but this is stumping me.

Apparently this is only possible In the Aqara app for which to work you need to pair the devices to an Aqara hub. But once setup there‘s no way to pair it back to HA without resetting it and losing the settings.

The direction on their Roller Shade Driver E1 can be reversed by a button press but it looks like the Curtain Driver E1 does not offer this. Too bad. Maybe it gets implemented in a later firmware version like they plan to do with Matter.

I’ve contacted the Aqara support and they confirmed that there is no button sequence available to change direction. This can only be configured in the Aqara Home app (which is only useful if you operate the curtain driver through the Aqara hub & app but not directly over ZHA / Z2M.

Too bad but this disqualifies the Curtain Driver E1 and I’ll stick with my Switchbot Curtain Drivers together with DevWaves ESP32/Z2M sketch. Those can controlled over Bluetooth with the Switchbot app and still be connected to HA over the Z2M/BT/Wifi-ESP32 device…

Have you found a solution? As a workaround I flipped the motors on the curtain rods, then reversed the setup process (so for the “closed” limit point I had the curtains fully open)… It works and now I can use siri to “open curtains” etc, but it means I have them the “wrong direction”.

This is my experience so far with 2x rod version on grommet curtains:
-installation extremely simple, paired through ZHA no problem (running HA core on NUC with conbee2, working in homekit via hass bridge, appleTV 4k as homekit hub), notes:
-can’t see battery status, light sensor or the 3 different speed modes. So only open/close/set postition.

Maybe the battery/light sensor/speeds will be available later on in homeassistant?

edit: I see you had only one reporting reversed state, both of mine were reversed closed/opened so therefore I just flipped them until I find a real solution.

I’m thinking to buy this Aqara curtain driver E1 to work with Z2M. Glad to know it is working fine. Does it able to detect manual open as well? For example, if I manual pull over the curtain slightly and it detects and open the curtain?

Well the issue it that it is not working fine!
The open / close operation is possible from HA / Z2M, also the curtain position and the battery state are reported correctly.

However the required setup calibration (definition of start/stop positions of the curtain and curtain direction left-to-right or right-to-left) is not possible! For this to work you’ll need the Aqara Home app and the Aqara Hub but even if you set it up in the Aqara universe it’s not possible to afterwards re-pair the device to Z2M without losing this information. :worried:

I thought you mentioned the open/close limits can be set by pressing the physical button?

For the open/close direction, I think it is not deal breaker as I can actually reverse the way it hooks up to the curtain.

Limits: Yes, the limits can be set by pressing the physical button on the device but without the app you can’t follow the steps of the calibration process so it does not really help.

Direction: If you mount the device the other way round you will block the light sensor with your curtain and the direction will be shown as the opposite direction.

Thanks for the feedback. So it means without the app, setting the limits sounds impossible?

Yes, you got the point about the reversing hooking. I guess we have to ‘reverse’ the opening/closing distance, i.e. 100 is closed and 0 is opened. Does this sound doable?

2022.8.0 + ZHA let’s you reverse the open/close direction; yay!

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Don’t know if this has been in a recent firmware update, but pressing the reset button 3 times in quick succession reverses the rolling direction.

Hi, I just got my E1 driver and installed at my curtain. So far no issue in integrating to z2m. Setting the travel limits also no hassle though bit tricky.

Uhm. So, I bought 2 of these. I have Conbee 1 attached to a NUC and HA 2022.8.6 version installed. I’ve never used any curtain or roller shade products (or any HA Cover products actually) and I’m a bit lost. I have a feeling that something is not working, but since I don’t know how they should work, it’s a bit tricky to troubleshoot.

So ZHA integration finds the driver and it says it’s integrated successfully. I get the device there and the cover with up and down arrows and the square button. But none of them do anything. Nor does the thing broadcast any state.

So basically I have no way to control these. If I click on the physical button on the product, it starts to move without any problems. But that’s it. It doesn’t know when to stop and so on.

My next move will be to upgrade the firmware on the Conbee 1 but if that doesn’t help then I’m out of ideas.

EDIT: Damnit. I’m on the latest firmware (from August 2021) already.

EDIT2: Apparently I can’t pair them with the Aqara E1 hub either. I got the hub in a bundle when I bought the drivers and figured I’d try that, even though it’s not the best idea to create another Zigbee network. But no luck there either. Quite troublesome.

Any suggestions?

Where do you got to change the direction? I can open and close them just fine in HA but no idea how to make it reverse?? I just physically have one turned around right now… does the trick but would be nice to have them both facing the same way.

You don’t see this?

Lol, I do, guess I wasn’t looking there at that drop down!

Update: Ok this is weird, only one of them has that control option…

Different question, have you seen where you curtains will just stay in a closing state? Like they don’t change from closing to closed? Wondering if something is off with the calibration of these. Not sure I set them up exactly right, as in what was your process of actually doing the setup, did you start with the device in the open position, then move it to the closed position and do the triple click on the button to set max range? Just wondering what steps you followed?

I have noticed that it doesn’t report its state very quickly. Pressing the identify button may help. And I noticed that service calls work far better than the buttons in the device controls. Aka, my lux-based automation to open/close works great, and so does “Hey Google”. But pressing the buttons (in HA) might not unless you press identify first. No biggie, since this is such a new device.

I followed the instruction booklet to manually set them up. Took a couple tries, resetting in between, before I figured it out.