Aqara FP2 Presence sensor


is there a possibility to use the new Aqara FP2 presence sensor via Wifi within HA without an Aqara bridge and without Homekit?

I couldn‘t find this information in any review or blogs. They are always using the Aqara bridge.


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All information I heared so far is that it is WIFI and you will be able to use apple homekit integration to integrate it.

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Oh, i think i found the answer here

UPDATE 24.04.2023:Aqara has released a new firmware update 1.1.6_0005.0025 which enables local control. The FP2 can now be used without an internet connection, hub, or app dependence in Home Assistant after it’s initial setup.

However, now the followup question remains:

How do i get the firmware update without a hub?

It’s a wi-fi device, no hub needed. Just the Aqara Home app.

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To connect it to HA you must use the HomeKit controller, but you don’t need any other HomeKit device or bridge in the house. And you definitely DO NOT need a hub. Reviewers saying you do are just flat out wrong, and you should probably question the quality of their reviews.

As someone else said, you have to use the Aqara app to at least get it on your wifi network. On iOS the Aqara app forces you to add it to the Apple Home App, so you have to remove it from that and reboot the FP2 to get it to be discovered in HA. On Android apparently you just bind it to the Aqara app to get it on your wifi network, then HA will discover it via the HomeKit Controller integration.


Thanks for the answers everyone! That makes sense.
I’ve also just seen the following follow-up which just confirms what you are both saying

Got my FP2 recognised by Home Assistant via Home Kit Controller integration yesterday evening. Easy to set up wifi with Aqara app on an Android phone. Started a draft room on the app. Home Kit Controller picked up the FP2. During set up was asked to put in device code in XXX-XX-XXX format. This can be found near the QR code on FP2. 2 sets of 4 numbers. Just type them in the format above and bingo! Room plan can be amended and saved to the app. This will then be passed on to HA.


Unfortunately, it’s still calling home and needs internet to work. See This Smart Home Sensor Has Insane Features! - Aqara FP2 mmWave - YouTube

That’s just flat out wrong information. With the most current firmware I blocked internet access for the FP2, and it works fine in HA. The Aqara app doesn’t work though.


Amazing! That‘d good news. (Maybe this youtuber didnt have the latest fw update)

I’m having trouble adding the sensor to home assistant through the home kit controller integration without an iphone. No matter what I do I can’t get it to be recognized. does anyone have any advice on how to get it to show up?


You have to have some kind of iOS or Android device to use the Aqara app for initial setup. When the Aqara app finds the FP2, as part of the binding it gets the FP2 on the whatever WiFi network the iOS/Android device is on when you set it up. For HomeKit discovery to work you have to do that, and the FP2 has to be on the same subnet as Home Assistant.


I’ve done all that it’s on the same VLAN as my home assistant, it’s fully set up in the app. It works fine in the app but no matter what I do home assistant refuses to see it.

I’m running home assistant in a docker container if that changes anything.
My network is run by a dream machine se in case that changes anything.

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How do I change which Wi-Fi the FP2 connects to after setup without doing a full reset? I scoured the app and couldn’t find anything. The one menu that shows network settings doesn’t seem like can change them.

Are you using iOS for initial setup, by chance? If so, Aqara app automatically adds FP2 to Home App that is causing sensor to be paired with this app and being invisible to HA/Homekit Controller. Please remove FP2 from Home app and it should be visible to Homekit Controller instantly.

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In my experience, I had to reboot the FP2 after removing it from the Apple Home app before it showed up in HA. YMMV.

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So far I have installed only one… so after the initial succes I did not repeated yet this operation… so could be, that I forgot this step or somehow got lucky :slight_smile: Yet another option to remeber for the future, I have another 2 pcs waiting for confiduration this weekend :slight_smile:

I’m having an issue adding FP2 Presence Sensor via HomeKit controller. It says “Unable to Add Accesory” when attempting to add to Apple Home. Anyone seen this or have an idea what might be the issue?

Does anyone know where these FP2 devices are currently in stock?

I’ve noticed after trying to bind my fp2 sensor to a specific access point, it will simply refuse to connect. Not sure why but it seems that it only likes to listen to one of my two access points and not the other one (running a dream machine and ac pro). The access point it likes (the pro) is oddly enough way further away and has a pretty bad connection to it. The other AP (dreammachine) is one wall away and it will connect for a minute or so before dropping the connection. During that time it has a 100% connection quality rating but this doesn’t seem to matter at all.