Ariela - Home Assistant Android Client - Updates Thread

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I know about this issue and it will be fixed today. Sorry for inconvenience.

Hello all,

Version is out.
What’s new:

  • NEW: device tracker mobile app support
  • NEW: add ability to use device tracker with both see service or mobile app
  • fixed device tracker lat / long issue

Please test it and let me know how it goes. Thank you.

Hey Ionut, thanks for the updates as always! I’ve created a pull request to update the Dutch translation, have a look :slight_smile:

Are you sure your not a machine, The pace you knock these updates out is amazing.
Service par excellence.

Thank you, i saw it after i released the new version, but for sure it will be ready in the next version.

I am glad you like my work, and yes i am not a machine … yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello everybody,

I created Wall dashboard & Android TV UI / UX topic, in order to keep track of my development progress regarding it, and for all who wants to give an opinion or ideas.


Hello everybody,

was it not possible to switch on the display of an Android device via HA in the past? I have the Ariela app on my tablet and I think I was able to turn on the display earlier. Has anything changed, or is the feature no longer available?
For tips or info’s I would be grateful

That functionality was removed because of … Google policies. In the future i will see what i can do to implement it again. Sorry for inconvenience.

Oh that’s a pity, but thanks for the great “Ariela” and thanks for the quick reply …

No problem, thank you too, i am glad you like Ariela, and again sorry for removing this option.

I’ve got a problem with the device tracker. Last night, my phone and my wifes phone stopped updating our location. Looks like I’m stuck 30 miles from home and she’s stuck at home. I have the latest Ariela Pro update with both device tracker Mobile_App and See turned on. I don’t think I need both, but I’d like to know which one to use to fix this problem.

Indeed, you do not need both of them enabled, try to switch to mobile_app.
Did something happened with Ariela : did the connection was lost?
Also, was the GPS turned off by any chance?
Also, do you see the battery changing in the device tracker or it remained at an old level?

Not sure what I did,but it appears to be working now. My location shows the zone I created for work and the wifes is showing her current location.

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I spoke too soon. I have to have both mobile_app and see turned on for it to work.

I have just found I have the same issue. Didn’t update when I just had mobile app checked. Upon checking see service tracking updated on my HA.

I will investigate this.

Hi @Ionut, Im using the device tracker with mobile app, but in Map screen on Ariela, I dont see my devices, just my zones… Do you know anything about this?



Is that entity getting updates?


Version is out.
What’s new:

  • updated Dutch localization
  • allow opening web links from entity current state
  • start camera streaming when clicking picture entity card and entity is camera
  • force device tracker update when enabling
  • now mobile_app device tracker can update even if Ariela is stopped
  • add default_view when missing in states UI
  • NEW: support all weather entities in states UI
  • NEW: create Lovelace from states UI when HA server reports no config
  • device_tracker WiFi reports source type as “router”

Please test it and let me know if works.

Do we still need to leave device_tracker and see turned on?