Automation to make a phone call via Android companion app

My condo underground car park gate is operated via phone. When you need to open it, you call a number and it opens.
Would it be possible to create an automation using home assistant companion app so that, when your car enters you home location, the HA companion android app makes that phone call via GSM?

I don’t think so, but try this to make a call from HA via SIP.

I don’t know if it can be done via the app but I just set up twilio to automate a call using HA.

You could set an automation for HA to tell twilio to call your desired number when you enter the home zone.

It’s $1 per month for the “rental” of the twilio phone number and a call is dirt cheap (I can’t remember exactly how much but I think it’s only a few cents per minute).

Thanks both, but the call has to come to my sim card as it’s the only one authorized on the system to open the gate. I don’t even need to connect the phone call, the gate rejects all calls and and only opens itself if the caller is authorized. Maybe is it possibile to trigger some sort of Tasker automation?

That is trickier :slight_smile:

For tasker there is this