🚿 Bathroom Humidity Exhaust Fan

@mpalatsi Some time you just have to wait for the data to build and then the graph will show up. Let us know if this is the case or if they still stay as numbers.

Silly question but how do you update the blueprint and not delete/recreate existing automations?

@PrayerfulDrop it is not a silly question. See below new FAQ



There are a couple ways to do this. Below is one example on how to update a blueprint. You can also find out more information on the Home Assistant official website if you prefer.

This is the official Home Assistant web site Using Automation Blueprints - Home Assistant

Example Below

1 - First most important, do a full backup of your Home Assistant, and store it in a location where you can get to it if you brick your Home Assistant (on a separate computer not running Home Assistant).

2 - To update a blueprint you must have a file editor. There are few to choose from. If you don’t have one already installed then this is how to add the official “File Editor” into your Home Assistant. Go to Settings / Add-ons and then click on “add-on store”. In the " Official add-ons" heading you will see “File Editor”, click on it and install it.

3 - In all my Blueprints, the official latest code is in the first post at the top.

  • At the top of this post Click Here there is a link to my GitHub, in the code area there will be a “Raw” button. If you click on it you will then be able to easily copy the code without copping anything else.

4 - When you have copied the code, go into your file editor. At the top leftish there is a folder icon. If you click on it a navigation area is shown. Navigate to the file of the blueprint you would like to update. For this blueprint it should be in “blueprints/automation/Blackshome” and select “bathroom-humidity-exhaust-fan.yaml” file.

5 - Once you select the file you should see the code of the blueprint displayed in the right section. At the top of all my blueprints it should say the name, in this case, “Bathroom Humidity Exhaust Fan” and you should also see the version you are on. This let’s you confirm that you are on the correct blueprint your about to update and not changing some other code that could brick you HA. Once confirmed, delete all the code and paste the new code you copied before in its place. You should now see the name again and the new version in the code at the top confirming your paste was successful and you are happy to proceed. When you pasted the code a red save button pops up and most importantly you will also see a green tick. If you don’t see this green tick, then stop, something is wrong, check the steps again until you see the green tick. If you see the green tick and you are happy with everything (again, a backup of HA) then and only then should you click save.

6 - Once saved you will need to reload the blueprint to reflect the changes before it will take affect. In the file editor you will see a cog wheel at the top right. When you click on it, select “Reload Automations”. A confirmation will pop up to confirm if your happy to proceed, click yes if your happy.

You have now updated a blueprint :tada:.

To check everything was done correctly, go into your automation and or the blueprint, you should see the new version displayed at the top confirming you are on the latest.


Blacky :smiley:

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@Blacky is it possible to set a “block” entity or number(>70%), if I open the window and close it after 10min, the fan switch to on after some minutes, because the humity rise againn

Posted this to the wrong thread earlier, oops!

This is working fine for me, fully automated now. I think it’s important to get your sensor up high for best response to the humidity rise/fall.

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@daschmidt currently it is not possible, but thanks for the suggestion. I will add it to the suggestion list.

If you are concerned about humidity in your bathroom then you could try this automation.

You can turn the fan or a dehumidifier ON when humidity rises.

Love it Glen, looks good!

Agree. I have mine right next to the fan inlet, so when the fan is ON the humidity passes over it.

Glad you got it working. :smiley: :+1:

Blacky :smiley:

Just installed your blueprint, nice setup! Needed to find the entity as described somewhere above. Lets see if it turns on and gets the wife approval

Great work @Blacky! Like @skipper79 there are a lot of people with an itho ventilation in the Netherlands, including me. This system is always on and is controlled by percentage or preset mode in Home Assistant. There are several ways to achieve that: for instance by using the fan.set_percentage in an automation or in a script.

Would you be able to add such a feature to the blueprint, so people with an always on system can use it too? Or maybe you have a workaround I’m not seeing? Thanks

@Markiempje525 , firstly welcome to the community

I have the wife approval here :wink:

All this information you will need is in our FAQ

Hi @jpbriaire firstly welcome to the community :+1:

It is in the blueprint already just not for a script as yet :pensive:(I am working on it). See "Fan Speed - Off Switch Option ". I need to spend some time here so that a script and the "Safe Guard - Use The HA Restart Option " works how I would like it to work. Sorry I am very particular on making everything work how I would like it before I release it. :pensive:

I will PM you with the code that will make it work with a script so you can get started now and when I release a update to include scripts it will still work for you. :wink:

EDIT: New update Version: 1.3 to allow for scripts

Thanks! I’m gonna test it

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New update 1.3

  • Added the ability to use scripts when selecting a “Fan Switch” and “Fan Speed - Off Switch Option”.


Blacky :grinning:

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Can you elaborate? How can you use them?

Hi Matthew,

Sure sorry I was a bit vague. Some people need to use a scrip in the “Fan Switch” and “Fan Speed - Off Switch Option”. I have helped a few people to archive this in the pass and @jpbriaire also explains it above Click Here.

I personally don’t use it but was developed for other people in the community.

Blacky :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have installed a new bathroom Fan, witch can be controlled by a PWM to set Fan RPM.

Is it possible to implement a PWM function to control the Fan speed in this Blueprint?

Maybe something like a PID calculation that manage the PWM.

Many thanks,

Hi @Rufan firstly welcome to the community.

It may be easer to create a switch that controls the fan speed to the desired speed when you have a shower. Then just put the switch into the automation.

Many thanks for your suggestion, you have built a nice blueprint.
As I am very new to HA I need to dig into it to find a solution for the 2nd switch.

What will be a better approach:
1 PID to calculate the correct fan speed depending on the Humidity.
2 Interpolating the Humidity and PWM value

Like to hear you thoughts

I think maybe a simpler approach would be better :slightly_smiling_face:. You just really need to get rid of the humidity. Having a fan that can do it is the critical factor. In a bathroom we need 120 l/s to 150 l/s (litres per second) to remove 1 shower humidity. For a toilet it can be from 50 l/s to 100 l/s. So setting your fan speed correctly to get 150 l/s is the critical factor for a shower. If you have a toilet in the same room then create another switch to get 80 l/s.

Hope this helps you.

Blacky :smiley: