Change the name of 'Gas' on the Energy Dashboard

Not everyone uses gas, for example some people use heat pumps.

I track the usage of my heat pump power separately to my overall electricity consumption, and I then use the ‘gas’ part of the Energy Dashboard to show my heat pump usage.

It would be good to be able to assign a new name to the ‘Gas’ section to say Heat Pump Usage etc.

Well gas is an energy… part of the global view of the energy dashboard consumed by the house (in and out if you have solar panels for example)… heat pump is not an energy, this is a device consuming energy, electricity in this case… This device consumption should be tracked into the individual device part…now maybe the individual device tracking is not fitting your needs, than you should maybe develop what you expect from this individual device tracking part…

Whilst I understand what you are saying, it does for most people show their electricity usage and hot water / heating in a nice graphical display with both having separate graphs and icons.

Perhaps it’s more about how the Energy Dashboard displays this data compared with the individual device tracking, as for the latter you don’t get the graph or icons and this is ultimately how I would like to see this info.

I do still believe you should be able to adjust the ‘gas’ name as perhaps some people track their oil usage.

Unfortunately I do not have the skills to develop this, which is why I requested this feature.

I have exactly the same request, my heatpump even shows the energy it generated, so I would not want to track the electrical energy, but the thermal one. have an option for renaming would be great.

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see also Energy Dashboard names customisable

Regarding the ability to view an individual device’s usage/cost, there’s a highly voted FR, which may make more sense than adding your heat pump as if it was the whole gas bill: Energy: Cost for the individual devices

Also, Energy Dashboard names customisable as posted above makes more sense as it’s broader.

Same question here, but i use pellets instead of “GAS”
The functionality is still great just the name is wrong