Energy Dashboard names customisable

I have a heatpump that I monitor. Used it as a kWh meter under the Gas section.
It would be really neat if I could change the “Gas” name to “Heatpump”.


Why did you add it under the gas section if it is not gas?

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Because of the nice Bar chart. It has the same function as when I had Gas, heating and dhw.

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Same here.
Gas could also be renamed to Heating.
That it would cover all type of heatings. :wink:


This section creates bar charts too:

Screenshot 2022-05-31 at 23-16-56 Settings – Home Assistant

Yes, but it would add it to the total energy consumption and that is not right, the P1 meter already meters that. By using it in de Gas section it does not change the energy used calculation.

Ah right. You’d need to create a template sensor that subtracts your heatpump energy used from your total energy used. Then use that and the heat pump in the first column.

That could be a solution, but I have a much better overall picture in this way:

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To me it looks fine already… Do you really care about the text saying “Gas” instead of “Heatpump”? You can tell it’s Heating by the red circle.

Adding to the energy bar chart makes it even more complex to ‘see’ what happens:

Yeah ok. I think the idea is that the energy dashboard is like a “one size fits all” sort of deal. If you want customisable you have to make your own dashboards.

( I’m getting a 180 day bill this period as the energy company are upgrading their systems. It’s usually half that so the cost forecasts are way off).

Care is a large word, just a finishing touch to a great system.


More and more houses change to other ways of heating, so yes, a more common name would make sense…


Looks great! This is probably the next step, but the energy dashboard is already quite capable.

There’s also this card that I use to see my hot water and heatpump use. It’s only power though, not energy:

Screenshot 2022-05-31 at 23-38-12 Overview – Home Assistant

Edit: there’s a better card than this now.


Except the problem is that this is not just for heating, there’s plenty of houses that still have a gas furnace/stove/oven. In that sense, Heating is also wrong…

Hence the request to give it a custom name. For me it is also cooling.
And I also added the energy consumption of my Heat Recovery Ventilation unit.

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You’re right, my bad, I thought the request was just to change it overall, in that case, my previous comment is overruled

I absolutely love the Energy Mangagement in HA; it’s probably the main reason why i started using HA. So good job to the people behind it!

We personally heat with heating oil and i’ve got our oil-usage set up under “gas” atm. Everything is working perfectly fine, however it would be great if i could rename it to “oil” (and being able to set the units to Liters would be even more awesome).

In general it would be nice to have 2 or 3 additional, fully custumisable “entities” within the energy management. They could be used and configured in anyway you would like.
For examply i have a solar-thermal panel, which at the moment doesn’t fit electricity nor gas and can’t be included in the homes energy management.
Another example: i know a lot of people want to track their water usage (even though this strictly isn’t “energy”, it would make sense to track it within the energy dashboard as a resource).

So i think a couple of additional entities, where you can change the name and the measurement unit to your liking would go a long way in making the current system a lot more flexible for different users situations.


@pbootsma, I want to do the same, use the gas section for a heat pump, but I don’t seem to be able to put the HP entity in the gas section. Did you do something special there?