Combine temperature sensor into climate sensor?

Hi all,

I’m new with Home Assistant, and have managed to get my existing devices all setup - however, I have the following devices as part of my kit;

Max! Eq-3 Radiator Thermostats
Xiaomi Temperature / Humidity sensors

Now, both devices seem to detect and work OK, but the Max! radiator thermostats are detected as a ‘climate’ entity, and show a setpoint and current temperature.
The issue is that the current temperature reported by the devices are only sent when the valve positions change, so normally don’t represent the temperature of the room at any given point in time.
My Xiaomi sensors on the other hand, update very often, so are very accurate to show the current temperature.

What I’d like to know is, if there is any way to make a dummy ‘climate’ device and map the setpoint to the max! thermostat entity, and the current temperature to the xiaomi temperature sensor i have in each room?
Otherwise, I end up having multiple temperatures reported for the same room (especially when using something like HADashboard…)

Anyone know a good solution to this, that isn’t too cumbersome to setup?

Should be working with this and states.sensor

Thank you - I did read about templates earlier, but wasn’t sure if that was the way to go.

Can you elaborate how I tell the dummy device that it should be a ‘climate’ device, and map the relevant entities to it?

Is is just something like this?

  - platform: template
  bedroom_setpoint:   <----- Anything I like here?
    friendly_name: "Setpoint"
    value_template: "{{ states.climate.master_bedroom_masterbedroomrad.attributes.temperature }}"

  bedroom_current_temp:   <------ Again, just make this up?
    value_template: "{{ states.sensor.temperature_158d00012172ba }}" 

(Note the xiaomi sensor shows the current temperature as it’s ‘state’ when looking in the ‘developer tools’, ‘states’ section of HA - whereas the setpoint is under ‘state attributes’ - I assume I’ve addressed these correctly above?)

So I’ve been having a play around with this, and so far all I can do is replicate the values from the real sensors to another ‘template’ sensor, however, each of the values appears as it’s own entity and doesn’t act like a ‘climate’ device.

What am I missing here?

Did you finally manage to combine xiaomi sensor with eq3 max thermostat? I’m currently trying to do exactly the same thing and would appreciate any help. Thanks!

Have a look at the custom Broadlink IR Climate sensor that was made. It combines the Broadlink RM devices with an external temperature sensor. I use my weather stations indoor temp sensor.

Not sure if it will help or not, but might be worth a look.

Thanks cjsimmons!
I can see that you made a great work writing these scripts. I guess I could make something similar to combine xiaomi temperature sensor with eq3 max thermostat but I’m afraid that my programming skills are not good enough. That’s why I’m asking if there is anyone who maybe already done that and would like to share it. Especially that swifty was trying to do exactly the same thing (even with same components) so there is a chance that he already managed to do it!
Anyway thanks again!

I didn’t make the script, I just use it and it works very well with the Broadlink devices.

I will have to give it a try then!:slight_smile:

@cjsimmons thanks for the link above… will take a look at that!

@jAr4s no, not something I’ve managed yet - I was busy checking out openhab which can easily do this… but it has its own downfalls.
I’m leaning back towards Home Assistant so will be taking another look into this soon!