Compatible electric underfloor heating thermostat


I plan to buy electric underfloor heating thermostat and would like to control it via home assistant.

Can you recommend any compatible?


You could take a lesson from this:

The only thing to be aware of with Nuheat is:

IoT class: Cloud Polling

Nuheat signature is not available in Czech Republic. Can be ordered via but very expensive 480 eur…

i have 3 zones of electric underfloor heating run by Heatmiser Neostat-e stats off a Neo-hub.

I use the Home Assistant intergration here:

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this looks good but I guess you use it for underfloor water heating. It got only 3A relay. I need it for eletric heating.

No, they’re specifically for electric underfloor heating, which is what I run them for.

What about eBay?

You can check this one:

This looks nice :slight_smile: Can you recommend compatible Z-wave us stick or gateway? Is this one ok

Do I understand it right that
a) you need a Neohub to control the thermostat
b) the actual remote control depends on their cloud?

Control via their app requires their cloud. But you could block their cloud access and still control via Home Assistant.

I’m happy using a TH1310WF (Smart Wi-Fi floor heating thermostat - 3600 W Page 1 of 0 | Sinopé) with HomeKit Controller for local control

There is a Zigbee version available as well: TH1300ZB Smart floor heating thermostat 3600 W – Zigbee Page 1 of 0 | Sinope Technologies

Hey @bdraco,
I’ve been thinking about changing my digital floor thermostat to a smart one and the Sinope came up in my searches as a good candidate.
Still no issues with yours? What all can you control/monitor?

Think of any reason to go with one version over the other?

I’m very happy with mine using HomeKit Controller. There is no power monitoring in Home Assistant though, only though the cloud app.

If you have a Zigbee network it might be a better choice to go with that one, but I can’t speak for how reliable it is vs the WiFi model using HomeKit Controller which has been rock solid.

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@kramttocs , if this can help, I can confirm that the Zigbee version (TH1300ZB) works a charm via MQTT; no Gateway required, pairing was a breeze. Access to all controls and reporting.
Works perfectly so far. 11 Zones here; wanted to test a first unit before I pull the trigger on 10 more.
Using Homeseer, but MQTT integration should not be an issue in HA.

Thanks. I went with that one as well and have been happy using it with ZHA. Some good discussion here: Sinope Line Voltage Thermostats - #1045 by claudegel

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