Custom Component: Dreame Vacuum


Why are you not allowing me to comment on an issue I created on Github, and why are you that unpleasant.

The specs on my server is i5-4670K with 24gb. I doubt that the server is to slow to handle Home Assistant and your custom integration. It seems like the map creation is the problem, as it is a lot slower when browsing the frontend, going to settings and such does work a little bit better. This is the exact same thing that happened in an earlier version. I had to disable the integration and wait for an update before being able to use the integration again. And that time I tried uninstalling everything and start from scratch.

I blocked you because you were just complaining without giving any technical information regarding the issue you are having.
Disabling the integration and seeing that the issue has been fixed does not mean it is directly related to this project therefore something that I can fix. In your instance, installing a new core version requires all prerequisites to be reinstalled again and with this integration likely culprit is the py-mini-racer package. It requires some native libraries to function but if it cannot find precompiled libraries online then it tries to compile them from source and that uses extreme amount of memory and cpu also take up to 20mins.
I cannot for sure know in is your case because you don’t even share a task manager output like top or even log output of the HA for me to confirming which task is actually using the resources.
And finally, issues are not for customer support and I don’t have time to deal with people with system specific problems especially with complaints. Telling something is wrong happening is not going to help me solve it so if you are not happy with performance of the integration please feel free to remove and never use it again.

Hi, I’am struggling with the rooms config.

I am following the repo docu, but when I press the ‘GENERATE ROOMS CONFIG’ button in the card nothing happend.

This is my card config:

type: custom:xiaomi-vacuum-map-card
  camera: camera.dreamebot_z10_pro_map
  camera: true
entity: vacuum.dreamebot_z10_pro
vacuum_platform: Tasshack/dreame-vacuum

Dreame Z10 Pro over Xiaomi Account
Dreame: v1.0.4
xiaomi-vacuum-map-card: v2.2.2
HA: 2024.7.1


Card is not related to me.

Hey @tasshack
Thanks for all your efforts relating to this great integration. I have it working with my L20 Ultra using a beta release, with mapping and sensor data. Almost a full Dreame app replacement, but awesome to have bot data in HA. Maybe one day it can be local only without having to replace the firmware in the vac.

Sadly, it is not designed and engineered to work without a cloud. Most of the brands are started doing it like this nowadays.

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Hey @tasshack first of all let me thank you for all your hard work on this intergration and efforts to answer even idiotic questions on this forum.

I ordered my Dreame L20 Ultra but it did not arrive. I did installed the Dreame app and created my account, however I cannot run the setup wizzard as I hit the “credentials” are not valid wall.

Just wanted to make sure I can set it up before it arrives… Is it possible credentials are failing because I did not added yet a device in the Dreame app?

I installed the beta (dev) version manually but same thing happens: “Could not login, check the credentials.”

Not sure what you are doing wrong but Dreamehome account support is only available on Beta but I am sure you will figure out the problem yourself if you read enough of the conversations that you have mentioned.

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