Custom UI: Weather state card


would you have url to try and configure the custom_updater for your card?

Please let me ask you to check my post above this one too, I cant seem to find the solution for it…


Did you ever figure out how to use other sensor data to override the weather component? I’m trying to do the same thing by using my local weather sensors outside my house to show the most accurate weather reading inside the weather card.


very cool!


Anyone was able to use it with darkSky? or some similar card for darkSky? thanks


First of all, amazing work creating this card!
Anyone knows why my mdi icons aren’t showing?



Hi all, has anyone found a card that can make graphs like this with DarkSky under Lovelace? The way the usual weather cards show forecasts stinks, I’d much rather have the graphs.


yes there is the very nice card by @m.p.frankland :


or use card-modder to do something like this to @arsaboo’s adapted card:

34 (in this case using weather platform Buienradar


my bad, I missed the part you wanting graphs in the forecast section, thought the picture with the circles around the icons was yours… sorry.


Is there a card out there already that does graphs for either polymer or Lovelace? If so it would probably be easy to port it.


If you mean just a card that makes a graph, yes, there are some like this one:

However, it only graphs history, it would have to be modded to graph the forecast from DarkSky.


Not really, I was thinking I saw something like this before. Adding an image that can be downloaded periodically is really easy. I missed the current version of the custom Lovelace weather card with a radar image. Something like below, which looks to work in a similar way is not the prettiest, but is it more like the concept your interested in?


That’s an interesting way of doing it, will give it a shot, thanks!


So I tried it… It’s a bit small :wink:


Can you post the code of your creation ?


this is posted by @Yevgeniy some posts above:


need help!
can’t get days of the week to show up. what am i doing wrong?01%20AM


@mbiker Are you using openweathermap? It seems to report weather at certain hours for the current day, mine has a three hour span and looks like this:

I think that the only way to solve the problem would be to use another weather provider.


You could try the mode setting in OWM, but my account api was declined. Others have more success doing so, so give it a try

It defaults to hourly (each 3 hours) by try mode: daily and see what happens


Milcroo that did the trick,


Hello. Check it here


You are the man Yevgeniy!! Thanks!!