deCONZ - Support management of DDF files through HA config

This feature request was previously opened by @supersebbo on the github repo, but @ludeeus rightly close it because this repo is for tracking issues not for Feature request :sweat_smile:
So I open the FR here.

As detailed here, deCONZ is moving to a new config model where device definitions are held in DDF json files rather than merged into a core code. This allows much faster, and user-enabled addition of new device support.

To provide this capability to HA addon users, the add-on should support mapping the container DDF directory ~/.local/share/dresden-elektronik/deCONZ/devices/ to a HA core config directory (i.e. /config/deconz/devices)

Many devices will soon use DDF Files because since the last version of deCONZ (in integration v6.11.1), DDF file are enabled by default at deCONZ startup. I use them for example for my LiXee Zlinky_TIC module for example see here

FYI a DDF File library has been opened into the deCONZ Forum here

Thank you !


Yep, it’s +1 for me too

+1, I have all my Zigbee network on deCONZ, only missing this module.