deCONZ - Support management of DDF files through HA config

This feature request was previously opened by @supersebbo on the github repo, but @ludeeus rightly close it because this repo is for tracking issues not for Feature request :sweat_smile:
So I open the FR here.

As detailed here, deCONZ is moving to a new config model where device definitions are held in DDF json files rather than merged into a core code. This allows much faster, and user-enabled addition of new device support.

To provide this capability to HA addon users, the add-on should support mapping the container DDF directory ~/.local/share/dresden-elektronik/deCONZ/devices/ to a HA core config directory (i.e. /config/deconz/devices)

Many devices will soon use DDF Files because since the last version of deCONZ (in integration v6.11.1), DDF file are enabled by default at deCONZ startup. I use them for example for my LiXee Zlinky_TIC module for example see here

FYI a DDF File library has been opened into the deCONZ Forum here

Thank you !


Yep, it’s +1 for me too

+1, I have all my Zigbee network on deCONZ, only missing this module.

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+1 is there a workaround? I can’t find a way to access the deconz filesystem from the ssh terminal, or through some other means.

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+1 Still nothing?

+1 too
Any news ?

+1 for me too. It would be awesome!

+1 also for me, would be great.

+1 yes please! do you guys now of any work arounds? editing does DDF’s is a pain now…

+1, I have some zigbee devices which can’t be integrated correctly without DDF in deCONZ. It would be great to have it.

+1 I would love this too for my newly aquired lixee device!

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This would be so essential, I wonder why it hasn’t implemented yet. I hope that we see some implementation this year :partying_face:

+1 Please!

+1 for this feature!

+1 for this, I was amazed to find that this is not possible yet!

+1, yeas this would really help

+1, it would make the DeconZ integration way more powerful

And, to fix that when using deCONZ inside HA, the windows for the program can be reformatted, resized, so that in DFF-mode, I can drag and drop inside DFF\Bindings…

+1 - Especially because shutting down HA, mounting (particular annoying on OSX) the SD Card and manually modifying the files is tedious to say the least.

I managed to get access to the directory where I saved a DDF json file via VNC. Important to understand is:

  1. hassio (using this install method) via Balena Etcher) uses docker
  2. using the SSH or Community addon (my choice) you only get access to SSH inside that container BUT NOT the actual OS (big shout out to @quentinsf in his comment)

The aforementioned comment finally helped me to locate the documentation “How to get SSH access to the host”.

Steps are simple:

  1. Generate SSH keys (Tutorial)
  2. Format a USB drive names “CONFIG” as described in the tutorial
  3. Save the pub key on the USB drive, rename it to “authorized_keys” and plug the USB drive into your device (in my case a Pi)
  4. Install the SSH Addon, connect via SSH in the docker container and execute the command ha os import which should get confirmed with Command completed successfully.
  5. Optional: Create an alias command (in my case in .zrpofile because Mac OSX) by editing .zprofile in my user home directory and pasting alias YOUR_COMMAND='ssh -v -o ServerAliveInterval=60 -p 22222 root@IP_OF_YOUR_DEVICE -i ~/PATH_TO_PRIVATE_KEY/PRIVATE_KEY'
  6. SSH Login to your OS
  7. Navigate to /mnt/data/supervisor/addons/data/core_deconz/.local/share/dresden-elektronik/deCONZ/devices


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You can also use the portainer addon to access the deconz container cmd and “wget” files directly from the devices folder. But not really easier…
I try to work on a easier solution for that.