Do NOT Buy Slaesh's Zigbee Stick

30 emails? That’s like 28 too many

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Add 10 more until I wrote this and 5 more PayPal messages and you get the picture.

When I opened the case on PayPal, he did respond and he said that my order was somehow marked as “completed”.

Anyway he wrote to me that he could finally send it or refund the money. I told him to send the stick. After that, nada. Nothing. Again! The guy vanished, never sent it or replied back and again is like he doesn’t exist.

So, yes, if you are lucky enough to receive the stick I bet it is worth it. What was not worth it, was the time I spent messaging the guy and not getting a single reply back. So disappointing.

What a shame about the customer service skills. I did recive my stick and my zigbee network has never been more stable. I am sorry to hear about all the trouble people are having. How much time could it take to communicate with the customers???

did you order from the website? did it take you long? Can you share a link (even PM)?


I’m interested in this, but I’m new to Zigbee and don’t solder so I have a few questions.

On the website when you go to checkout it asks OPTIONAL: pin-headers (not pre-soldered) where you can select no or yes. I’m not quite clear which I select if I just want this to show up fully intact and don’t have to solder. If I want just plug and play do I select no?

Also, which of the 4 antennas he has would be best for a 2 story house with 2270 sq ft and maybe 30 devices sometime in the future?

I did not know what the pin headers were really for so I ordered them anyway. Not a great cost. You don’t need them to use the stick. The stick is fully flashed and useable. I since found out that the pin headers can be attached to the stick to provide pin outs to be used for zigbee troubleshooting. Don’t really need that as the stick is so stable.

I can’t remember which antenna I got but I remember at the time I got the longest one.

Thanks. I suppose I’ll just get them then because why not. I just wanted to make sure it didn’t mean I had to solder to use the stick.

Good luck with the order. My advice would be to put in the order then forget about it. You can get excited once you get the shipping notice. That avoids all the drama others have experienced trying to get updates from the seller. Not great, I know.

If you plan to just plug the stick into an USB-extension and the extension into your HA’s USB you don’t need pre-soldered pin headers. Even if you want to update or change the pre-installed firmware those pin headers are not needed. There will be no need for you to solder anything. They are useful for developers though or if you brick the stick and have to start all over by installing a compatible firmware.

As for the antennas I chose Antenna Type 2 (3 dbi). This is the highest gain you can get with the CC2652RB anyway. As for Type 4, well if you prefer it big … :laughing:

I am living in a 6000 sq ft 2 storey concrete house and have added 5 ac-plugs with integrated Zigbee routers/repeaters to the mesh and am getting not less than >65 LQI all over the place. Very satisfying.

Thanks all! I just ordered one and I am now prepared to wait the two months it takes to get here lol

I concur with the advice of OP.

Against the advice on this forum, I also ordered from Slaesh. I ordered almost two months ago and it still has not arrived. Slaesh has never responded to any of the suggested communication mediums (email, telegram, website chat). In-fact the telegram account - which is touted as the better option to email - is now closed, however, still advertised across Slaesh’s website.

Sadly, I think this might be mostly the courier’s (DHL’s) fault, however, Slaesh is not blameless in this case. The Courier usually delivers in a few days international, however, it’s been stuck with the courier for months now. The issue with Slaesh is that there is absolutely zero response - so I have no assistance/support tracking this down.

Unfortunately for Slaesh, since I have no support options, no idea what’s going on and no patience left, I’ve opened up a case with my bank who will issue a chargeback (reverse the charges on my credit card and charge a dishonour fee on top of that).

I did receive tracking info from DHL Germany, but then it got stuck in Frankfurt IPZ on the way (one of DHL’s hubs). After two weeks of waiting for the delivery status to change, I opened a tracking request with DHL, however, they advised that it is better to contact the sender, aside from that, I had to wait for them to complete their internal investigation which can take up to three weeks. I waited for DHL to come back to me, but they have not and it is now well over four weeks since I opened the request.

In summary, do not buy from Slaesh, find some other vendor to buy from.

Hi all, sorry to hear that many of you had to wait so long. Contrary to what you seem to be experiencing, I placed an order last Tuesday, and received the CC2625RB in the mail yesterday (Friday of the same week). I live in the Netherlands (next door to Germany), so maybe the long delivery times have to do with the distant addresses :man_shrugging:

Mine was shipped with DHL as well, although the tracking status updates each delayed by a few hours.

I saw on their site that they will be on vacation next week, so hopefully they are now catching up with the orders

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I had a similar experience to the others, in that I ordered two sticks for a project back in March 2021 - but never received them =(.

I don’t think it’s malice, at least from what I can tell - it’s just Slaeh doesn’t bother fulfilling orders, or forgets about them.

I have tried emailing several times, and did not hear back either. Not sure what the best way of contacting him is.

Are you out the money for them? Depending on how you paid I would file a dispute asap. Many services only let you dispute up to 6 months out, which is quickly approaching from March.

At this point I would suggest another option, I have the zzh stick and ordering it from England. It came within a couple weeks and works very well.

My experience appears to have been better than most and wanted to share. Maybe things are getting better?

Ordered two CC2652RB coordinators from on the 19th and they were delivered today. It appears tracking updates were sparse until it arrived in country but 12 days to the us is pretty good.

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I did - it arrived - it’s awesome. I don’t see what the big deal is.

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just to add, i ordered one took around 10 days to arrive no issues ,other then hue remotes but that’s a different discussion !

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I ordered on 15.3.2021, I still do not have any information about the order.

People still buying this product need to check the zigstart hub. My experience here

People that have/had issues post here, and it’s good that everyone who had bad experience with seller (communication) let other potential buyers know.

But as I had perfect experience, fast shipping and didn’t require any communication, based on my experience I would still recommend it. And based on others who had bought it and had good experience AND decided to post here - I’m not the only one :wink: