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Hi !
I’ve plugged in my Lan Gateway
FW updated to v6.0
Configured in HASS with ZHA.
2 sensors SW30 added.
its all good. :smiley:
Good job.

One strange behavior happened the first time i powered with the USB 2.0 of my R7000 router : Red led inside light on, but ETH wont go up.
So i decide to power with USB powerbank : the ETH go up …
After some test on the web GUI, i power again with the USB of my R7000 … and its work fine …
I didnt’ know with it fail the first time.

How much power the LAN gateway drain ?

@alainvtr thank you very much for feedback. This is the best when you receive it.

About behavior i’m not sure,because I alway power by USB from PC or Power Supply.

According to documentation:

Current Value mA
Operating current LAN Average: 80mA
Supply current LAN Minimum: 500 mA
Supply current ZigBee Minimum: 250 mA

Basically 1A power supply is more than enough for this little thing to run properly.

@mercenaruss good day. Ordered a LAN and I want to paint the antena white to try and hide it in the background.
Have you got any feedback on any potential downside to doing this?
Thank you

Hi, ohhh not sure what to say, i don’t think is any downside on painting antenna.

Hi !

About power consumption, i’ve connected a Ruiden TC66C and made some tests.

The current drain is under 190mA.
It’s almost near 175mA and sometime raise to 185mA (new device pairing).

So a standard USB 2 port is enough to power the LAN gateway.

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@mercenaruss Thank you.
Today I received my lan gateway. Six days from Germany to Dubai(my door).

Plugged it, spun a z2m docker container and it worked right away.

A stark contrast to my “unhappy” experience reported here.

Good product, good order confirmation feedback. Overall good experience.

Highly recommended!

poe switch with this works perfect.


Never had change to measure power consumption, just took inform from datasheets.
Thank you very much for your test.

@juan11perez Yeah, i forgot to add this to documentation. Thank you, will add to docs when will get some free time.

Very surprised, even better than in some EU countries.
DHL Germany have issues.

Yes, I ordered from tindie November 1 and received it today.

Will be thankful for a review.

Nice! mercenaruss will soon be able to add ZHA automatic USB discovery to ZigStar stick feature list:


ZigStar Stick USB discovery to be added here (core PR patch by mercenaruss = the maker of ZigStar):

Not a big feature however it still makes ZHA in HA more user-friendly to new users just getting started.

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Hi Did you manage to get the Zigstar Lan to work with HA on Synology NAS ?

You can connect to any NAS or VM over network, by just making this adjustment to Z2M or to ZHA:


port: ‘tcp://ip_or_hostname:6638’

For check HERE

when do you have the product in stock again?

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Is currently available we managed to have a big stock, stable at the moment.

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Just ordered zigstar lan, looking forward to replacing my conbeeII which is just messing with me.

Just one more question right now, where can I find the 3d model to be printed

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For connecting Zigbee2MQTT to any remote Zigbee adapter you can also refer to these guides:



ZigStar LAN Gateway will of course also work with the ZHA integration in Home Assistant via socket:


Automatic network discovery in ZHA via mDNS Zeroconf is not yet working with ZigStar LAN Gateway howvever it is being worked on so likely a feature that will be added to firmware and HA in the future.



I am running LAN version over network from my Synology. I have no idea why people would even want to use it via USB…