Drayton Wiser Home Assistant Integration


Hey all, thought its about time I contributed to the HA community. Ive recently moved to the Drayton Wiser Heating platform (from the Max!Cube stuff) and Ive written a Home Assistant Component .

Its probably best described as “beta” and available here https://github.com/asantaga/wiserHomeAssistantPlatform

My plan is to iron out some bugs, make the core library a PiPy package, and then submit it for including into Home Assistant.

Let me know what you think?Any bugs let me know (either here or in github)


Drayton Wiser

Nice one mate!
Add it to my HA and it works well.
Do you have any plans to keep development going?


Hey there,

yup, im due to fix a couple of bugs/limitations and the one enhancement req I want to implement is the the ability to set the temperature of devices…

if you can think of any other enhancements let me know by logging an issue on github

thanks again


I am very interested in ability to set the temperature. In my case - I have a iTRV in the Bedroom that looks like get warmed from the radiator so doesn’t track room temperature properly.
Idea I have in mind to control / boost heating based on the additional temperature sensors.
Thanks a lot for your work!


I got Wiser integrated to HA via Node-Red, really happy with the Wiser product, was good value for money.


If you already have a older Drayton Thermostat then it very easy install. Just replace the backplate. I have this since last three months. Bought it on Amazon sale £99 the version Controls Water and Heat. Absolute bargain.


Oh, Nice.

Can you share the configuration manual on how to set similar to what you have on you screenshot?


The node-red setup is mostly documented here.

Polled values are read and published via Mosquitto MQTT, control from HA UI is done using the state changed node.
The HA UI was done in Lovelace.

Example of lovelace cards

  - icon: mdi:mdi:radiator
    title: Heating
    background: center / cover no-repeat url("/local/Wiser.jpg?auto=compress&cs=tinysrgb&h=750&w=1260") fixed
        # Entities card will take a list of entities and show their state.
      - type: vertical-stack
        title: Lounge
        - type: picture-glance
          title: Lounge
          image: /local/Lounge.jpg
          aspect_ratio: 16x9
            - input_select.lounge_lighting_scene
            - switch.wifi_plug
            - switch.lounge_floor_lamp
            - binary_sensor.lounge_pir          
            - history_graph.lounge_heating            
        - type: entities
            - input_number.lounge_boost_timer
            - type: custom:fold-entity-row
              head: sensor.lounge_room_temperature 
                - type: divider              
                - sensor.lounge_state
                - sensor.lounge_room_setpoint
                - type: divider
                - sensor.lounge_room_percent_demand
                - sensor.lounge_room_window
                - type: divider

      - type: vertical-stack
        - type: picture-glance
          title: Dining Room
          image: /local/DiningRoom.jpg
          aspect_ratio: 16x9
            - switch.dining_room_lamp
            - binary_sensor.dining_room_pir
            - history_graph.dining_room_heating           
        - type: entities
            - input_number.dining_boost_timer
            - type: custom:fold-entity-row
              head: sensor.dining_room_temperature 
                - type: divider              
                - sensor.dining_state
                - sensor.dining_room_setpoint
                - sensor.dining_room_percent_demand
                - sensor.dining_room_window
                - sensor.dining_room_heating_on_today
                - type: divider
                - sensor.dining_battery
                - sensor.dining_voltage
                - type: divider
                - sensor.dining_signal 
                - sensor.dining_rssi
                - type: divider