EaryKong Doorbell esp flash

Hello, I recently bought EaryKong Doorbell doorbell because it should be possible to flash it with tasmota: EaryKong Doorbell (DB_B) Configuration for Tasmota

Does someone else have it? I’m trying to figure out the pins I need to connect to, whether any of it’s buttons is connected in a way that it could put it into flashing mode or if I need to just jump a wire there, etc.

If anyone else have done it and could tell me how they did it it would be great. If not, guess I’ll have to document the process myself.

There is a link on the page you posted that tells you the installation method is usb to serial. You’ll need to open up the unit, locate the tx/rx pins.

On the page you posted it also shows the corresponding pins, GPIO01–> Tx, GPIO03 Rx. They are usually printed on the board. If not post a picture of the circuit board.

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Thanks for your reply!

Yeah I’ve seen the link, and I did flash some ESP devices before. I’m just curious if anyone else flashed this particular device and maybe has some hints on how to make it easier. Here’s the board from the back, and sure enough there are TX\RX\GND\3V pins. Not sure were the GPIO0 is though, but I assume I could look the chip model up and figure it out.

My question is what this connector is for? And whether I need to manually wire GPIO0 to ground to put it into flashing mode or maybe one of the 3 buttons it has can be used for that. That could save a lot of time and make it a lot easier.

I see the bottom wires don’t seem like they can be removed. GPIO0 may very well be printed on the front of the board. If you can identify the esp chip, then you can follow the trace to see where it leads.

Here’s a better shot of the other side

Not sure, I can’t find that esp model in the list, and neither can I find gpio0 marked anywhere :frowning: maybe im blind

Looks like I might have some bad news for you, it does not appear to be an esp chip. I don’t see anything about being able to flash it. This has been more common lately, manufactures moving away from esp based boards.


Well shit. Thanks.

I think at least it’s supposed to be tyua compatible, maybe there’s still a way to integrate it somehow.

Anyway, on the first image the pins marked as RDC-+ look very much like a serial connection. There is nothing wrong to experiment with them if + is VCC and - is GND, that can be verified on the board. You may try to connect your FTDI adapter’s VCC/GND and try options connecting RDC to Tx/Rx pins. You may expect some console output if correctly connected. The circuitry under the shield with S/N can easily be a ESP device.

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Wish I could find the person who added config info to blakadder.com to vefiry, would not want to brick it by trying things out completley blindly

Like I had said this wouldn’t be the first time that there was a non compatible chip in a tuya. You could look through this thread., btw blakadder posted in the thread, you can ask them. You can also find tutorials on replacing non esp chips with a 8266 module, if it is incompatible and you want to swap chips.

It is definitely not an ESP and cannot be flashed with Tasmota or esphome. The only way is to replace it with an ESP-12 type module which is pin compatible

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Thank you! :pray:

Sadly I don’t think it’s doable with just a soldering iron, definitely not with my skills. Guess this is a failure then. Well, I mean it does work as Tuya normally, so there’s that. No support from HomeAssistant’s Tuya integration, though. I suppose that’s a workable vector of solving it’s integration at least. Or maybe find someone with tools and experience to replace it. But that would already cost a lot more than this whole thing.

It would be really helpful if this was at least mentioned on the website that they now come with a different chip, or that there’s a possibility of it. I bought it directly from the link provided on EaryKong Doorbell (DB_B) Configuration for Tasmota page.

It will be mention now that I have the information

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Hi @blakadder , I bought this doorbell and changed the chip to an ESP-12S with tasmota, but I don’t have the “payload_on” value in the console on the tasmota webpage.
Do you have any idea what happened?

I have no more ideas… if you can help me it’s nice

I am using the blakadder template.

Thank you so much.