Eurom Alutherm Heater in HA

I have the below heater which is connected to my Wifi. Is it possible to get this in HA?

Thanks NK

Did you try setting it up via the tuya integration? I found this when searching for “Eurom” in the forums:

I am trying to avoid Tuya. Haven’t got a login as of yet. Is there no other way?

Hi, I’ve just added a first Eurom infrared heating panel to my Wi-Fi network.
If I find a way to add it to HASS I’ll post it here. If somebody already has the solution, please let me know.

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just to let the community know: it works with the local tuya integration. Is suppose nk.home_assist that you do not want tuya for the cloud aspect? So it can be done without the cloud.
hopefully this will help you out …


could you navigate me a bit? How does it work with local tuya integration? I’ve tried to add the heater to Tuya Smart app with no luck. Are you willing to help?

So I managed on my own, if anybody needs help, write me.

Hi Noria - I am considering buying a EUROM convector heater Alutherm 1500 Watt WiFi. I would like to manage this heater from HA.

Have been looking at the Tuya integration in HA. It requires me to have a Tuya IoT access ID and Account. This seems to me as Tuya cloud. I want to avoid having to register devices / personal info at Tuya.

Did you indeed succeed in hooking up your Eurom heater to HA via Tuya and avoiding a Tuya cloud account? How did you get that running?

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Hi, sorry, I got no notification about this question. I do not have good news, I really manage only via Tuya. I can help only with that one.

hi peeps, winter is coming in Belgium so took this up again …

Step 1 : look at mark watt tech’s video to get your local keys : HOW TO - Get All Local Tuya Keys (ALL KEYS, SIMPLE, NO SOLDERING) - YouTube
no need to explain here since this guy did a great job! ty sir!

Step 2 : install LOCAL tuya integration and follow the configuration


It can take some trial and error to find the right variables for the values based on your specific product.
I found it very usefull to first do a classic setup by wifi (I personally prefer the smart life app over tuya app (android)) so i can easily see the values (temp, target temp, steps, …) and asign them in home assistant.
I mostly struggled with the type you have to choose in setup and depending on that what vars you can control from home assistant. So maybe start with adding your eurom heaters (infrared, outdoor heater …) ass a switch first.

hope this helps!


I followed the instruction of the Local Tuya documentation, with the help of this Mark Watt Tech video: HOW TO - Setup Local Tuya in Home Assistant - YouTube

I also followed the instruction video to get the local keys, but in the end i didn’t need it. By pairing the Tuya API key with my Smart Life account (explained in the video), Local Tuya already knew the local keys.

I’m having trouble with setting up the climate template for this heater (Eurom Alutherm 2000 WIFI) as well. I get it to work in auto mode. But the thermostat is not too trustworthy. Did anyone get it to work in manual mode and setting it to low/mid/high?

I have it included with the normal tuya plug-in.
But the MID/HIGH/ECO options are not available.

I did check the tuya dev portal, also there not available.

But u can set-up the thermostat and turn it off, thats it for now.
I have the alutherm 2500

low/mid/high is not available on tuya sadly… so what you can do is using a automation that will turn it on and off using an other thermostat, as indeed the build-in and external ones are bad.

I have it working here using alutherm 2500 wifi

I got it working. Still interested?


You managed to adjust levels MID/HIGH/ECO? I’m interested! :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I’m still interested!

@Noria any chance you can still help us out :slight_smile: I am becoming desperate to avoid using Eurom app while having everything nicely automated in Home Assistant :smiley:


How did you manage to add the heater via Tuya to HA?
I only managed to add the heater as a switch (On/Off).

How did you add it?

I thought maybe addind the device as climate. But what are the values?

Hi guys, sorry, I will let you know in the evening, or tomorrow. If I forget (I get no notifications from this place) just remind me on [email protected]

Hi, so this is how you do it:

Open file on HA …\config\custom_components\localtuya\
In you can find HVAC_MODE_SETS (line 59 or around) and
add new set:

"manual (m) / automatic (p)": {
        HVAC_MODE_HEAT: "m",
        HVAC_MODE_AUTO: "p",

in the same file find PRESET_SETS (line 94 or around)
and add

 "low/mid/high/off": {
        PRESET_NONE: "low",
        PRESET_AWAY: "mid",
        PRESET_HOME: "high",

Now you can set the device:
Protocol version 3.3

You will get device with every option.

Preset is not corresponding to real values but you will find what is what. I do control heaters from the AppDaemon so I do not care. It may be possible to fix that as well.