Input Schedule integration

Currently we have Input Datetime, which is great for using it as automation trigger. For example in my home setup I have two Datetime inputs for opening covers/shutters in the morning - one for weekdays and another for weekends. And here comes the problem - what if I want to have a dedicated time for each day of the week. I need seven Datetime inputs and either a pretty complex automation trigger logic or seven different automation rules.

An “Input Schedule” (input_schedule) integration will solve this problem and could be used in lots of useful places, e.g. the most common scenario - weekly room thermostat schedules.

It’s really surprising such solution doesn’t exist right now. I see there were some 3rd party attempts, but nothing solid, mature or actually working.

Previous feature requests:

etc… It is a populat request.

Plans for a core integration seem to have been put on hold:



So, on to the simple addon solutions that are solid and working:

Or the more complex non GIU Scheddy:

Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, I went thru these discussions and projects before I wrote this.

Unfortunately both projects you mention do not solve the problem. Simple Scheduler works with just ON/OFF values, so basically switches and lights. I’m out of luck with my covers/shutters automation. And it’s in PHP… Scheddy has no GUI whatsoever, which is the whole point here.

If it’s “the whole point here” then you should probably describe the appearance of your proposed “input_schedule” integration.

Maybe this one posted today could be an option…