Help with new Garage Door Card

Again for the win! Very much appreciate the help here.

Is there an easy place to soak up how to do all of this? Trying to not be the guy that constantly posts the easy questions. I’ve read a great deal of documentation and I come from an IT Engineering background. I want to learn the how and why as much as possible. The community here is nothing short of incredible.

I am curious how the basic entities card I was using with MyQ was able to show the door in an “opening” state briefly while transitioning from open to closed or vise versa. Outside of that, I think my garage door card is complete thanks to you all!

For button card the GitHub is very informative to understand it’s capabilities.

I always start with Github to understand HACs modules.

For card-mod start here. It’s an extensive guide.

MyQ had 4 states, Open, Closed, opening, closing. You are down to 2 with On and Off.

Another good link

Thank you so much! Glad I’m not the only one chomping away at this late on a weekend.

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