Home assistant and Flightradar24 on same device

I was able to use both Home assistant and flightradar24 on the same raspberry pi 4 using docker. You will need a cheap rtl-sdr dongle, I bought mine from ebay and daraz.pk One thread that helped me with this installation was Setting up local USB printer with CUPS via Portainer. so the steps are as following

  1. Install Supervisor > Add-on Store > Portainer
  2. Install Supervisor > Add-on Store >SSH & Web Terminal (one manitned by [Franck Nijhof] (frenck (Franck Nijhof) · GitHub)) GitHub - hassio-addons/addon-ssh: Advanced SSH & Web Terminal - Home Assistant Community Add-ons
  3. Run Web terminal and you will be greeted with a 502: Bad Gateway error. Stop terminal and go to web terminal’s configuration tab. use a hard password and it will start." 502: Bad Gateway "
  4. copy and paste this command

docker pull thomx/fr24feed-piaware

which will install this container Docker thomx/fr24feed-piaware

  1. run the following command but remember to replace your own values
docker run -it --rm \
    -e "SERVICE_ENABLE_DUMP1090=false" \
    -e "SERVICE_ENABLE_HTTP=false" \
    -e "SERVICE_ENABLE_FR24FEED=false" \
    thomx/fr24feed-piaware /bin/bash

  1. Enjoy. If you have any issues feel free to post here.
  2. Another container that can be used is Docker nicosingh/rpi-fr24feed/

To access Fr24 feeder status page type in your browser.


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Nice! And now the same trick with ADSBexchange and you will see even more interesting aircraft :wink:

Edit: Stopped feeding ADSBx because of this:

How do I add it to this docker?

I’m not exactly sure, as I run ADSB on a dedicated Pi, but this should help…

edit: link deleted because of this:

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To update the container follow this video steps. Docker Container update in Portainer in Home Assistant. - YouTube

I wrapped the awesome docker image from Thom-x as Home Assistant Add-On. Any feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:

See https://github.com/MaxWinterstein/homeassistant-addons

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This seems to be easy solution. I haven’t tried it but this will definitely simplify things. My issue with dockers images was stability. It used to stop at random times. Hopefully this is not the case with this.
Why not base it on minkeye docker image ?

@MaxW please update the documentation. The step which I have assumed based on my limited testing are as follows.

  1. Ads your repository to supervisor.
  2. Install your flight radar add-on
  3. Add FR24 and piaware keys in add-on configuration.(assuming you already have those keys. Otherwise those can be easily obtained using Official Ssh add-on)
  4. Add location.
  5. Start add-on
    6.check logs for any errors.

What you meant by port mapping for accessing homeassistant.local:8754 page?

Why not base it on minkeye docker image ?

Pretty good question. After having a second look it seems nice. Having all feeders as separate containers is nice but also more things to maintain. Might come back to this later after some testing.

What you meant by port mapping for accessing homeassistant.local:8754 page?

I added some more text to the readme, hopefully, it is easier to understand now.

More discussion about this addon please in its own thread: Home Assistant Add-on: ADS-B Multi-Portal Feeder (Flightradar24 and FlightAware)

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