How did you install Home Assistant?

I don’t think that’s fair either.

The person has only been here for two weeks and hasn’t got a handle on the basics yet.

They really can’t be expected to start wring PR’s for the documentation yet.

Cut them some slack.


I agree; I do not expect novices to modify the documentation.

All I do expect is that novices refrain from disparaging the people most likely to come to their assistance. That and to understand that the free resources at their disposal are created by volunteers (who all started as novices).


Hence my reply…

I will give benefit of the doubt and assume they were just joking around tho.

Speaking for myself on this matter I have to ask you to ponder now how many US$ are generated by Nabu Casa subscribers to develop these ‘free reources’.

Would there be 30,000 subscribers? More? Less? I ask because if there are 30,000 subscribers then that would yield US$1,800,000 every 12 months so we are hardly giving away the latest core developments here for free?

I think I’m into my second year of subscribing to that wonderful service but I’m getting more than a little worried my money is not being spent developing the product that I started subscribing to?

The free resources I had referred to represent technical support, documentation, integrations, and some portions of the core software.

The following is how I see the current situation (and may not reflect reality accurately):

A developer who creates an integration is also required to write associated documentation. The same person, or others, fix/enhance the integration and its documentation. The same people, and many others, provide technical support for the integration. All of this is done by volunteers.

The core software’s development is a different story. Since the dawn of Nabu Casa, its paid employees direct the core software’s development. There are many contributions from volunteers, but the product’s direction is largely governed by the Nabu Casa team.

I don’t know Nabu Casa’s revenue but it’s clearly sufficient to sustain its growth to employ four people.

I’m not so naive to believe that Nabu Casa would do things that are detrimental to its growth. New users represent their future growth potential so making the product more appealing to them is in their best interest. However, those changes might not always sit well with long-standing users. Nevertheless, Nabu Casa’s continued growth does mean long-standing users get new functionality. The relationship is a double-edged sword.



We have a new name to add to the mix now.

And Generic Linux installer is here to stay apparently.

FYI, to add to the confusion, I am told that my installation is Supervised.

At least they are listening and the naming is getting better.

I still think they missed the mark by keeping the OS version as “Home Assistant” tho.


Completely agree, because it’s too generic.

That sounds logical, but that name is taken already. (As your suggestion was to name it Home Assistant OS).

really? where was that? I didn’t see it in the list of “official names”.

The Home Assistant OS or Home Assistant Operating System:

It is one of the project in the whole Home Assistant org. We have a lot more.

The thing is: Home Assistant uses all our project as one total complete appliance. That is why we refer to it as Home Assistant. It gives you everything, the total package. A combination of all the Home Assistant does.

Maybe you change the name of that one to something else instead. :wink:

But I just saw a suggestion in the other thread I liked - “Home Assistant Complete”. Which seems to go right along with your statement above:

But “Home Assistant” is the name of the software running…no matter how you installed it.

It’s a very silly thing to name one of the methods of installation the name of the app itself.


No, the Home Assistant Core application is what you are at least running no matter which installation method you use.

then it would make more sense to call that “Home Assistant” and call “Home Assistant” something else.

But ironically that was the way it was before all of this renaming silliness started.

That’s why “Home Assistant” (as it is now) causes so much confusion.

I’ve just moved the Editing the Documentation and Creating a Pull Request on Github post over to the brand new “Community Guides” section.

If details exactly how to update the documentation using GitHub with step-by-step pictures. Updating the docs is a great way to help out the community, so when you feel more comfortable check that tutorial out and maybe give it a try. But no pressure of course :slight_smile:


Wow, please revert that personal addressing and remove the unneeded capitalization, as it is seen as shouting.

You have you ever considered asking for my personal opinion?


It’s for emphasis. If I were shouting, the entire thing would be capitalized. With exclamation marks.

I don’t know what this means.

The new users, the people you are targeting? They are the ones that are confused by this terrible naming.

Why did you hide my comment? Seriously?

Why am I being censored???