How did you install Home Assistant?

The Home Assistant OS or Home Assistant Operating System:

It is one of the project in the whole Home Assistant org. We have a lot more.

The thing is: Home Assistant uses all our project as one total complete appliance. That is why we refer to it as Home Assistant. It gives you everything, the total package. A combination of all the Home Assistant does.

Maybe you change the name of that one to something else instead. :wink:

But I just saw a suggestion in the other thread I liked - “Home Assistant Complete”. Which seems to go right along with your statement above:

But “Home Assistant” is the name of the software running…no matter how you installed it.

It’s a very silly thing to name one of the methods of installation the name of the app itself.


No, the Home Assistant Core application is what you are at least running no matter which installation method you use.

then it would make more sense to call that “Home Assistant” and call “Home Assistant” something else.

But ironically that was the way it was before all of this renaming silliness started.

That’s why “Home Assistant” (as it is now) causes so much confusion.

I’ve just moved the Editing the Documentation and Creating a Pull Request on Github post over to the brand new “Community Guides” section.

If details exactly how to update the documentation using GitHub with step-by-step pictures. Updating the docs is a great way to help out the community, so when you feel more comfortable check that tutorial out and maybe give it a try. But no pressure of course :slight_smile:


Wow, please revert that personal addressing and remove the unneeded capitalization, as it is seen as shouting.

You have you ever considered asking for my personal opinion?


It’s for emphasis. If I were shouting, the entire thing would be capitalized. With exclamation marks.

I don’t know what this means.

The new users, the people you are targeting? They are the ones that are confused by this terrible naming.

Why did you hide my comment? Seriously?

Why am I being censored???


Ok this is censoring now, wooow…


Looks like you’re not running 0.110.x

It was not censoring it was inappropriate and violating our code of conduct, he made a statement about me personally and used unneeded emphasizing and capitalization.

The response done was not needed. I am happy to explain the reasoning behind this, and am happy to hear anyone’s opinion and even share my personal opinion.

I’d be interested in your personal opinion.
I also disagree with your posts about @flamingm0e I don’t understand that censorship.
(Maybe English not being your first language is to blame? I dunno some things don’t translate well )


There was literally nothing in any of my posts calling you out directly. This is ridiculous. There was nothing that was about you personally.

This is on another level now.


Actually I’m pretty fluent, thanks. Reasoning has been given above.

Well, I took a couple of months off because of the same crap I see here. I tried to come back. I’m out now. I won’t bother helping anyone any more if this is the treatment one can expect.


Personally, I did not care for the name change but now, months later, I’m fully onboard with the expanded meaning of Home Assistant.

However, the community has not embraced the new name. A quick search of recent posts shows that many people still use the term hassio despite its deprecation many months ago. Whether it’s due to the pronderance of existing material using the old name (here in the forum and throughout the web) or because old habits die hard, the old name not just survives, it thrives.

Any branding campaign needs to consider this ‘field data’ when measuring the strategy’s degree of success. As it stands, y’all need to double-down or cut your losses (because this new name has only taken hold in documentation but not in people’s hearts and minds).

Hmm yeah, I would say that the documentation hadn’t embraced it either. Some main parts are done, but it hasn’t been fully revisited, not does it explain it anywhere.

For example, the glossary has been updated just about a week ago-ish.

I have asked you before in the discord channel if the documentation could start adding revisions to the documents. This way users can understand if the document is still valid. You had said (if I remember correctly) that it took to much time. Due to the fast changing environment we are now in, can you reconsider your decision?

Please help me remember with your goal on revisions, do you mean versioning?