How to get Somfy io-homecontrol shutters to work locally?

Sure, but I have not found anyone who has jailbroken their hub and ha-tahoma is not working for the new io blinds. I would love to ditch somfy’s servers all together, but I have not been able to find any solutions that work. That’s why I bought the 160 euro expensive conexxoon. I hate it, but as for now, no other way has worked that I know of.

@reptilex we haven’t had any report that ha-tahoma doesn’t work with new io blinds. Could you perhaps provide us with more info, so we can help others as well? It should at least be more stable than the official Somfy API…

If you are looking into jailbreaking, have a look here: Somfy Connexoon/Tahoma jailbreak.

I want to control my io motors too, but a tahoma box is so expensive (190 euro) just to replace a remote…

I look at the velux klf3200 a bit cheaper, but still…

Any other options?

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What about the TaHoma Switch? However, the Velux KFL should offer local support for IO, but I understood that pairing can be difficult.

Like i said, the tahoma switch/box costs almost 200 euro , which is quite expensive just to replace my somfy situo 5 io remote

Sorry, I thought they introduced the Switch at a lower price point, but I see the retail price is 199 indeed. :eyes:

However, currently you need to use an Overkiz gateway or the Velux KFL, since there are no other devices that can handle the IO protocol.

It’s almost even expensive

Wow, I searched two years ago for what felt like months for anyone that had done exactly that jailbreaking. There was nothing to be found. I will look at it again. Even so you need the conexxoon in any case it seems. I will look into it. Thanks a lot.

Just bought a velux klf200 to do this locally

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Do io homecontrol work with these?: SOMFY CONNECT UAI PLUS

I think that’s the piece that control4 and others use to control somfy without the cloud.

If you own a Somfy TaHoma box and your motors support HomeKit (like the popular Oximo-io motors), you can move away from cloud to local controlling, by using the HomeKit-Controller integration with the TaHoma box!

The only downside at the moment is, HomeKit-Controller does not support tilt_position a the moment. I just created a feature request for this, if you can vote for it, it would be great.

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Hi there. Old post, but I cobbled up a working setup from old parts and an expensive Izymo.

Zigbee shutter control, Izymo transmmitter and 2 cheap 230V relais…

I also put a door sensor in the awning to check if it’s extended or closed. When controlled via HA, that is not a problem, but the IO remote still works, and the position is not transmitted to HA when the zigbee module is not used.

So knowing the awning is open is a must.

Any questions? Let me know.

Well, not so fast…

The cover controller can not be controlled when the original remote is used.
So you have to do a full out/in sweep first to align the awning with the position of the controller.

And there can be a delay between the movement of the awning, when the zigbee controller already thinks it’s moving. So the awning doest not close completely, but then stops because the controller thinks the position has come back to zero.

Adding an additiona relais to force a close, based on the status of the open/close sensor is my short term solution for now.

Hi guys,

Here is my solution that should work:
Instead of Tahoma I now intend to use a Somfy IZIMO transmitter. That triggers my io blinds, when S1 and com or S2 and com are connected. Instead of connecting a shutter switch to the input S1, Com and S2, I connect them to a Shelly 2.5. I run a lot of Shellies already so that is no hustle.

Problem solved and done. And much better: No Somfy cloud space involved, no detour via the Internet and even so a lot cheaper that the TAHOMA

Hi !
Could you provide more information on how you managed to do it ?
I’m very interested to control my IO Blind at low cost AND il local without buying a box.
Nothing seems to fully works for now.

What you need is that: Acquista %product-title% da Conrad
Plus two Shelly one.
Then you connect one Shelly to one of the connections and the other accordingly. You then connect the Somfy izimo to your io blinds
If you then switch one f the shellies, the izimo sends the order to the io blinds.
I created an automation or a script for opening and one for closing the blinds
Switch one Shelly on for opening, wait for xx seconds until all blinds are fully open and the switch the Shelly off.

Works fine!

Remark, don’t use a Shelly 2.5! Use two Shelly one . This is important

@Rainer59, could you elaborate on why 2x shelly one iso one 2.5?

I used the RTS Integration which is totally local and it works well, easy to build and cost about £15
I have one Somfy Huna blind which is Bluetooth controlled which this solution does not work for.

Of course I can🙃
The Shelly 1 has switched contacts whicg are potential free. The 2.5 does not.

This is important for the Somfy switch


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