HTTPS inside LAN | New Version of HA iOS App


Hi everyone, I just updated the HA app in my iPhone, and now I can see that I can specify an internal URL.

My environment is set up to work as well inside or outside my network thanks to a domain that’s pointed to my public IP. Indeed, I have HTTPS communication with Let’s Encrypt.

Now, with this new update, my standard url is (as before), and if I try to specify an internal URL, I get two kinds of errors:

If I use HTTPS, the app does not accept the SSL certificate, else if I use http, the connection is refused.

May I allow HTTP only from the LAN?
Any solutions/advice/suggestion is appreciated.

Thanks to all. :slight_smile:


Dont use the advanced settings or specify an internal URL. Just the URL you used to under connection.

When outside of your network, it will route back to your home IP as it has.

When inside your network, your router should relect the request back with the request never leaving your network.


The emphasis being should

  1. Your router has to support that;

  2. You usually have to set that up as well as port forwarding.


Ok, so what’s the purpose of this new feature? :face_with_monocle:
I should be able to use that…

Support what? Usually, I simply write a new line in the hosts file of my internal DNS server like:

If developers created this feature, as I said, I should be able to use that. It’s obvious that in my LAN I can’t use my domain’s certificate with my local IP address, so in my opinion two are the solutions:

  1. Skip SSL verification
  2. Allow HTTP traffic from LAN only

Thanks to all :slight_smile:


So I am stuck at the exact position. Any further progress made?


Can the internal url feature be used with https? I run https with Hassio/DuckDNS-LetsEncrypt add-on. When I try to use internal url then the ios app reports an invalid certificate. Can we get a verify_ssl: Bool = false option to use with the internal url. If this is not the intended function then can you point us to where we can read about how to use the internal url feature?

HomeAssistant/Views/SettingsViewController.swift line 35