I made a crappy Nest Thermostat integration that will work as a stopgap until alternatives come out

Your Nest Thermostat and Smoke Sensors if you have them.

See the pictures I have included

Is that using HOOBS, or a direct Nest integration? And if direct Nest, does it use google account?

Its using HOOBS and Google Account.

Please read my previous answers as well the one from Apr 7 to clarify.

I’m trying to add my Nest thermostat (gen3 US) to my new home assistant (v0.114.4). I have set up HACS (v1.5.2) and BadNest. I’m using Google Auth with 2FA and using the following config.

  issue_token: "https://accounts.google.comxxxxxxx%2Fhome.nest.com"
  cookie: "__Secure-3PSID=0xxxxx; __Secure-3PAPISID=xxxx; NID=xxxx; __Host-3PLSID=xxxx; __Secure-3PSIDCC=xxxxx"
  region: us
  - platform: badnest
    scan_interval: 10
  - platform: badnest

I have tried both RedDragon and vinodmishra repository. Unfortunately, I don’t see any climate entity or devices appearing anywhere.

There is a warning about HACS and BadNest being untested. But otherwise, there are no error message that I can see in the logs, except when I manually modify the token or cookie. This makes me believe the credentials are good. I have however noticed that the thermostat does not respond to ping unless I modify it’s setting either through the app, web or the device itself. I’m not sure if it is expected behavior or if it can play a role in the issue. I played with it while HA was booting up in case the thermostat was going to sleep but it didn’t change anything.

Am I supposed to manually add the thermostat device manually in the configuration? If so, can someone be so kind as giving me some pointer as to what is should look like?

Otherwise, I would greatly appreciate any help someone can give me.

Thank you

It seems the Homekit Controller integration is buggy. It can’t deal with there being 3 locations in my nest account, and mixes up the presence sensors between one location and the next :frowning:. Close, but no cigar.

Yes! you get

  • switch.home_occupied


  • Motion Detection
  • Streaming Switch
  • Indoor Chime Switch
  • Doorbell Alerts
  • Doorbell Switch
  • Audio Switch

And for the video stream you need to follow this:

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Seems Badnest is having problems initiating itself:

UnicodeEncodeError: 'latin-1' codec can't encode character '\u2026' in position 512: ordinal not in range(256)

I have verified, my mysql DSN has the charset defined mysql://homeassistant:homeassistant@core-mariadb/homeassistant?charset=utf8

Try updating your cookie per the setup instructions. That’s the error several of us were getting but updating the cookie fixes it. https://github.com/mattsch/badnest/issues/12

Thanks! I was updating the cookies, with no luck. However, that ticket pointed to my specific issue:

I have been using FF to get the cookie. I tried using Chrome, noticed the cookie had a different format, so I used that and it works now.

Looks like something changes for Chrome / Firefox users. I’ve been using Firefox as well. Switched to Chrome, and sure enough, the cookie format changed. That new format (starting with __Secure) is what Nest wanted (from Badnest).

Yep, glad it worked.

You can get doorbell, face, person, motion, etc. events. I am generating them from a Nest Hello and two NestIQ cams, and firing custom events on the HASS bus. See my comment earlier in the thread. It would only take someone who knows HASS better a day or two to produce something that’s not just a hack.

A really cool feature is that the “face detected” events come annotated with the face_name(s) based on the faces you’ve labeled in the Nest App.

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Which fork is this?
And with Google Account?
Been trying to confirm this for a while.
Does your Nest Hello stream smooth video or just snapshots?

Yes, I have switched over to Nest Aware (which requires a Google login). That’s the only way to have access to the advanced features (mainly face detection and identification) of the Nest IQ cams and the Nest Hub Max display.

I do not currently have a smooth video stream to the HA front end. That would require accessing the camera data in a more sophisticated way than the badnest integration does. Instead, I get snapshots at 1s regularity, which is far better than the old Nest integration in HA provided.

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Thanks. That’s what I have so I might as well.
I like my 24/7 video recording though…

At this point, the Nest Aware pricing is cheaper than I could achieve with a NAS and cloud backup. I’m paying $10/month for them to store 60 days of 24/7 footage on six HD camera feeds. Moreover, the Google Home camera interface is a thing of beauty (this was not always the case), and all the feeds are indexed by motion/person/sound events in real time.

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Oh is that the higher tier?

It’s the higher tier that used to be insanely expensive b/c they charged per camera. But if you switch to a Google login, now it’s a flat rate ($10/month) regardless of the number of devices.

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Thanks for all of the info.
My goal is to switch to open cameras and local storage but I just don’t have the funds right now.
I might switch now, I’ve been so afraid to for fear of loosing something I’m using with HA.

Just put all your devices in HOOBS in the default room. No need to separate them.

HOOBS is only used to get your devices not to look at it anyway. You can divide your devices in HA rooms.

Btw there is a new version of the plugin (DO NOT INSTALL) but when installed it stops working in HA. So use the previous 4.4.6 NOT 4.4.9 version

Have you raised this as an issue on Chris’ Github? I may have suffered this issue, but not sure, so haven’t been able to track down a problem or not.