Ikea Tradfri PIR Sensor Experience

Hi there,
I wanted to share my experience with the Tradfri PIR sensors to verify if other people observe the same behaviour. First of all: I’m only using the Tradfri PIR sensor with the bulbs directly since I haven’t bought a Tradfri bridge yet.

I bought two PIRs with three bulbs and noticed:

  • you can not assign a bulb to both PIRs
  • I’m unsatisfied with the reaction of the PIR. I have a Z shaped hallway (more or less) and it’s not super wide but in many cases I can just walk past the PIR without reaction unless I walk super slow. Other way arround sometimes a sensor reacts even in a 180° angle but also not reliably. I would like to avoid dancing through the hallway to trigger the light. It’s just not reacting as I thought, based on my experience with traditional outdoor PIRs from the early days. I use the night mode of the PIR but the day mode was not better.

Can anyone tell me if he/she did notice the same behaviour? Is there a posibility to fine tune when using the Tradfri bridge with the PIR?


I kind of have a similar experience. My guess is that Ikea is trying to save battery life by not checking for movement continuous but every X seconds. Sometimes I can walk past my sensor with no effect, sometimes it’s instant, sometimes it’s delayed, …

haven’t tried dancing though :slight_smile:

Thanks Mr. bramme. That sounds like the exact symptoms. If this really is error by design, this system is useless for my purpose, especially if it’s not even possible to trigger the same light with two different PIRs. Wow, that would really be disappointing.

I think a good PIR has not to be on battery

Just checked with my colleague. he has the same delay issue on the PIR …
I’ve got another PIR in the house built with mysensors. That one is instant :slight_smile: So i’ll be using that one from now on. But like claudio sais, that one is plugged into the wall as well…

can you tell me how/which?

I also have the pir, but with bridge.
You will never be able to use a bulb with 2 sensors as you sync the remote with the bulb and not the way around.

I don’t really have lag issues or bad detection.
I have the problem that you cannot change the sensitivity/range of the sensor, so it’s working to good in my case.

Mysensors pir you can build for battery or connected to a phonecharger or similar.
If you choose to use it battery powered the “control unit”, an arduino pro mini in my case is sleeping.
The pir sensor is active all the time, if movement is registered it will wake the arduino and it will send the updated state to your gateway.
Check www.mysensors.org
It is really fun and easy to build your own sensors. It is probably the chapest way to automate your home.

this one: https://www.mysensors.org/build/motion

xydix mentionned this also :slight_smile:

I see your point but I’m running 5 Fibaro Eyes on battery. 3 of them are in a region with heavy motion. Last more then a year. No problem whatsoever and very very responsive. If you need pirs in a place where you cannot have auxiliary power around a year before replacing batteries is not a problem. At least not for me.

what’s the time between 2 triggers?

Sensors are configured with a 15 sec blind time. That’s the default (if I remember correctly).

@bigbemme, @MrBramme, @yelti_be Can the IKEA Trådfri PIR sensor (if i have a gateway) be used in HASS as a normal senor for instance for my security system ?

As far as I know this is not implemented yet or maybe even impossible at all.

That would be nice to have confirmed whether it is possible but not implemented or it’s not possible at all.


Sorry, I don’t have the gateway. Also I’m very disappointed from the Ikea PIR blind time. You may want to check out the Xiomi PIR and gateway. I think this supports your idea. I can double check with a friend of mine.

Just got the confirmation that you can use the Xiamoi gateway and PIR to trigger any other HA event. So you should check this component out.

I can confirm that, at this point, you CANNOT use the Tradfri PIR sensor as a regular PIR sensor in HASS (or anywhere else as far as I know). Just the “normal” use of turning on the light linked to it by the Ikea software.
sadly :frowning:

I have got the remote and PIR sensor to work in HASS by developing a component however i am not satisfied with the remote from IKEA, it seems to be erratic

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@donnib Can you share how you got the PIR working in HA?