Ikea Tradfri PIR Sensor Experience

I re-paired the devices, but I had already reset them, so I am not sure if it was necessary.

If it happens again I will report back.

(I believe part of my issues were a mis-configuration of the deConz docker, so I hope for more stable performance now.)

Another tip if deconz starts to behave weird, try to add an extension cord to the conbee to get it away from the computer.


This hint fixed my pairing issues, took forever to find this haha. Thanks!

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Great to hear!

There is a workaround that let You add more than one motion sensor to the same Group by using an app called Hue Essentials.

I’m not affiliated to the app in any way but it’s free and under development.
It currently works with both Hue and Tradfri bridges. To add the Tradfri bridge You need to do it manually since it initially searches for Hue bridges., but when done the rooms from the Tradfri is imported. From there You can open a room and edit it and add lights from other rooms. Do so for both rooms that include the motion sensors and You will still have two rooms with one sensor each but both containing the same lamps.

However, getting home assistant to trigger from the motion sensors seem a bit harder…

Many thanks to everyone commented in this thread – I found it the most informative. Just wanted to put two links to another threads which are related:

As I have a similar difficulty (use motion sensor in HASS scenarios) I have now a dilemma with which I ask the community to help me with (I am newbie in home automation):

  • Return IKEA hub (costs €32) and buy ConBee USB Gateway (€33.57), then setup HASS + deCONZ on Linux server
  • Return IKEA hub and buy Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit ($41.60) + RaspBee (€29.37), then setup HASS + deCONZ on RaspBee platform
  • Don’t return IKEA hub but find a sensor that can be wired with it (Xiaomi motion sensor?)
  • Don’t return IKEA hub and wait that probably IKEA will fix/improve the sensor’s firmware so that it reports its status to hub (and hence can be integrated into HASS via IKEA hub).

What would you suggest? Many thanks for your opinion.

I’d go with this one * Return IKEA hub (costs €32) and buy ConBee USB Gateway (€33.57), then setup HASS + deCONZ on Linux server

This with the battery life of the sensor is driving me nuts. My sensor is placed outdoors and so it seems the batteries do not perform as good as expected in cold weather conditions as they drain much faster. I get them to last a week or so with temperatures around zero degrees centigrade. I have even tried Renata batteries without remarkable difference in performance. What I discovered today is that both batteries are in parallel and so the device is supplied by a 3V input. I wonder why IKEA did not make use of two AAA batteries in the first place as Phillips has done with its Hue motion sensor. I have opened it and there is enough space for this format.
BTW, this is how I am using it: Hack: IKEA Trådfri Motion Sensor for presence control
One option I am considering is to rebuild the corner holder to allocate two AAA batteries inside.

Googling about the battery life of this device gives back a quite “controversial” experience. Some users claim getting their batteries to last for moths whilst others —like me, talk about days or couple of weeks at best. To add even more confusion to the topic, one user claims buying a bunch of them finding out that a couple of them experienced a very short battery life whist the others keep running for months. Even when the amount of triggering is to be a factor to consider, it seems to me that it is not always the case. In my case, my motion triggers circa ten motion signals a day (at most).

Here is what I have found with mine:
Input voltage: 3V
Cut-off voltage: 1.33V
Quiescent current: 3.5mA
Current when triggering: 4.5mA for <200ms (need to quantify exactly for you long)
Peak current when triggering: 25mA for <200ms (need to quantify exactly how often and for how long since it occurs in some sparse occasions only, specially during the first 5 minutes)

Obviously more deep investigation is needed (next post).

I do not experience false triggering.

I have tried with two AAA alkaline batteries in series. Obviously I get the sensor to last some more days but not as significantly as I would have expected, just a couple of more days but a month. I am trying now with a Li-ion battery which starts with a nominal voltage of 3.7V and with a capacity of 650mAh. Let’s see what I will find. Mathematically, I should get around 150 days of use.

I have 3 ikea pir sensors, I also sometimes have to dance before it gets activated… Is this just Ikea rubbish? Are there better alternatives for the deconz stick?

I have just purchased a conbee stick and got it all set up.

I’m gradually moving over all my lights, switches and sensors over.

I so far have 1 IKEA pir sensor that’s located inside a large cupboard (or closet for our American friends). As soon as I open the door the sensor reacts and the light (an Aldi Tint- by Müller Licht If you’re curious) is already on by the time the door is fully open.

What I’d suggest is that you have the latest firmware:


One of my wireless dimmers was on an older version and acting strangely so I updated the firmware via deconz on a Windows PC. Also make sure the conbee has the latest firmware. I believe 262F0500 is the latest but I had to flash this via GCFFlasher on my PC.

I also don’t use the official deconz hass.io add-on but the marthoc add-on. I found it worked better and picked up the conbee correctly (the official add-on shows it as a raspbee):

well, my ikea sensors works, but sometimes like 1 out of 5 times, i have a timeout/latency of 2 seconds
also firmware and everything is up to data, i now ordered the xiami aqara body sensor, seems that one is far better… wi will see when it arrives from ali :slight_smile:

Yeah the Aqara PIRs are so much better and drain less battery. Also do they react very fast and have an illumination sensor. Only downside is that they have a “blind eye” of 2 minutes which to my knowledge can not be changed. This means that if you want the sensor to work properly you will need an automation and script for it. Otherwise they are the best PIRs for the price.

My ikea pir is crap too. Battery life is horrible (especially considered that they need 2). Nah I have just ditched them for Xiaomi PIRs. Cheaper, way smaller, reacts much faster, hugely better battery life and has an illumination sensor.

I really like Hue motion sensor. You get pir, Lux and temperature reported and the mounting solution is novel and easy to fine tune. The ikea are cheap and slow and poor mounting options. Didn’t like them at all. Haven’t tried out the Xiaomi pir so can’t say anything there.

ah, i think ikea sensors have an blind eye for 1 minut? its changeble though on back side?
i am using this automation for ikea pir, i want to have a minumum of 2 minutes light in the, probably i can use the same for the aqara? and maybe i dont even need the FOR config, since its already 2 minutes as default?
in automation below, its for IKEA PIR? default blind eye is 1 minut, so i extend it with 60 seconds
so i need to remove the 60 seconds, otherwise it will be 3 minutes with the Aqara?

- alias: Motion WC Boven On
  initial_state: 'on'
  - entity_id: binary_sensor.tradfri_motion_sensor2
    platform: state
    from: 'off'
    to: 'on'
  - service: light.turn_on
    entity_id: light.wcboven
- alias: Motion WC Boven Off
  initial_state: 'on'
  - entity_id: binary_sensor.tradfri_motion_sensor2
    platform: state
    from: 'on'
    to: 'off'
      seconds: 60     
  - service: light.turn_off
    entity_id: light.wcboven

so, also , even if i want the light to be on like 60 seconds, how do you accomplish this if the timer is 2 minutes on the aqara?

I also recently picked up a couple Osram Smart+ Motion sensors. My local electronics shop had them marked down to just €10 each. They work well with only like 30 seconds “blind eye” time. They also record temperature.

The only downside is the battery seems to have drained fast as it reports even tiny changes in temperature but they seem to have settled now. Didn’t note how full the battery was reporting when I first paired them. They use a CR2 battery.

You can’t as the sensor won’t trigger again in those 2 minutes. So to make the automation you should make it 2 minutes. I have used scripts though.

I will share my automation when I get home.

ok, that sux :slight_smile: