New Lovelace GUI card for per-day schedule actions

Hi there,
Pretty a lot of people is surprised that there is no component in HA that allows user friendly setup of actions to be executed per week day. Basically some good looking and user friendly scheduler e.g. for thermostat control or other actions.
Someone proposed to use netatmo scheduler as an example:

And I really like this design. I hope that one day we’ll get a new entity type in HA that will be represented with a GUI similar to the one above.
I’d really like to be able to turn on a heater (on/off) using such schedule, but I can imagine there are lots of people, who would need to control temperature using such a scheduler (I mean not only on/off. but also set a given expected temperature).

Some do this with a Google Calendar and I also did it like this as it seems the best choice (simple GUI), but I am of an opinion that HA is meant to integrate all the different things together and give control over them from one place - Lovelalce UI. Having a built-in scheduler in Lovelace would be a really great and powerful feature.

Hope this idea will be seen by the HA devs as one of the key things in the next major HA releases.

Hi Dave,
Thanks for supporting my feature request!
I’ve read about schedy and heaty in the past, earlier this year. Both seem a nice and powerful approach on the per-day heating scheduling. However I guess they lack a GUI, is that correct?
I hope a similar functionality will be a built-in function in HA some day.


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Yeah, they are just the back end for the scheduling. We definitely need a nice scheduler as a core component to HA, and with a GUI interface to suit


Such a component would be really useful.
I would use it to control temperature per day, per hour and of course for scheduling roller shutters.
A schedule GUI for frontend is really one of the things missing and I’m sure that it would be useful for most of the users.


Wow that interface would be very nice!

Something similar has already been discussed:

A bit limited compared to the addons already available (two separate links there). The solution being discussed on github only has API calls for setting and resetting scenes.

Maybe this one posted today could be an option

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