Is there a way to add Headlines / Separators / Sections in Blueprint UI

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some blueprints get really big and have many different options/inputs/ … so newcomers to a blueprint are overwhelmed by the options … also its sometimes not easy to jump to a point, where you want to change something. (Scrolling through the blueprint, looking for this one single thing … where was it again?)

Is there a way to add Headlines / Separators / Sections in Blueprints which have the function to better organize / explain and sort the different sections of a blueprint? Maybe even Headlines with their own description (Subtext)?

Even better would be a kind of TOC (Table of Content) to make navigation in the blueprint easier.

I already asked a developer of a blueprint, if he could add something like this - but he said that he doesn´t know of a way to add this but would be really interested.
I didn´t find anything related in documentations.

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The only way I came up with is to assign emoji’s to all the entries in a separate section like this:

    Functions that are left empty will simply do nothing.

    #### 🍎 There is a set of 36 + 18 actions that will trigger on specific actions on specific sides that are listed as **Group 1 🍎**

    #### 🍊 There is a set of 6 + 3 actions that will trigger on specific actions on *ANY* side that are listed as **Group 2 🍊**

    #### 🍐 There is a set of 30 + 30 event functions that will trigger on cube flips to & from specific sides that are listed as **Group 3 🍐**

    #### 🍩 There are 5 actions (shake & throw for each mode & hold in scene mode) that only occur once in each mode & are OK to be combined with any other group in that mode. 🍩

Then in the name have the same emoji’s…

The author does have Markdown abilities in the BP description and the Input Descriptions so I’m sure something could be done that’s better, but this has worked OK for my users, and I have lots of satisfied users not complaining.

Thank you! I wasn´t complaining though - it was more of a proposition from my side - he liked the idea - if I’d find a blueprint with a nice looking UI I should let him know

As I haven´t found a related thread or in documentation i thought i might ask around.
(maybe finding something that might help him or others)

Let´s see if there’s more coming up.

Not saying you are complaining, just saying this seems to be working OK, here’s a link to one of mine…