Klarstein Wonderwall integration


Anyone out there that has experience with the Klarstein Wonderwall IR panel heating? And then specifically an intergration with HA??

Please let me know.

Thnx Roel



I have it and could be really nice to have the possibility to control it via HA!

Klarstein has already its app, but at the moment cannot be integrated.

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Same comment here. it could be really great if possible to integrate this Klarstein product in Home Assistant.
thanks in advance.


Up, looking for this integration as well


I’ver found this site: https://forum.iobroker.net/topic/34140/gelöst-klarstein-klimaanlage-einbinden/4?lang=it; I’m not Deutch, but seems that it’s possible to command it via MQTT.

someone already tried it?

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up que interesa

I wrote a tutorial on integrating Klarstein Wonderwall with HA through Tuya, but in the wrong topic, now it wont let me repost here :rofl:

But here is the link: Integration for Klarstein DryFy - #6 by Efekthalo


Thanks! Now I can also control my Wonderwall. HAve you idea why we can’t control the temperature? is it something fixable?

@maoz82 it is possible now to control temp with the new tuya cloud integration
you cannot turn it off, but you can set temp to 0 degrees

Thanks for the update! Actually as you said entity report a fixed OFF status also if it’s ON, but temp now can be modified.
Why we have this behavior? there is a place where we can report the bug? In the Tuya IOT debug I see that status is correctly reported.

Would be great to have an Klarstein integration without having to use tuya. Hope someone is willing to do that.

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I have Klarstein HotSpot Spotless Smart and it does not work even using tuya integration …

EDIT: works with https://github.com/make-all/tuya-local also sold as rebrand termofol

Thinking about getting one of these heating panels.
I have a question for existing owners - if I simply plugged this into a smart plug that I can control via HA, could I preset it so it just automatically starts heating once the smart plug is turned on?

yes, it will default to target 25C

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