Ld2410 ble - hlk-ld2410b

Ok, I’ve started a new thread from here

I want to try this too but before I start I just wanted to ask what USB breakout boards people are using?

It sounds like a stupid question but the reason I’m asking is because the follow up is, has anyone also designed an enclosure? If yes and they don’t mind sharing, why re-invent the wheel? If not then I’ll do one once I’ve got my parts up and running.

EDIT: I’ve just seen this alternative to USB

Some cases are out there. These specific sensors can be one of two things:

  • Sensitive enough to detect breathing/slight motion
  • De-sensitized enough to detect motion, but with some misses on breathing/sitting still

Here’s a case for the C model I am working on finalizing. YAMS - Yet Another Multisensor - #3 by deadwood83

I’m not sure why somebody specified the B model, because the C model also has bluetooth, etc it’s just in a more friendly form factor.

I would not count on the bt proxy working. I have one set up and I know it works (keeps trying to grab a neighbor’s ibeacon) and… nothing. Shows up great in the app.

And yes, the “c version” shows up as a “b version” in the app.

I’m not detecting my unit over ble. The unit is within a few metres of the home assistant host, and there’s a Bluetooth proxy in the next room anyway…

App detects it from across the apartment.

I have the LD2410C and it immediately shows up in the app and appears to work fine, but multiple nearby bluetooth proxies (which otherwise work fine) are not detecting this device at all.

I have just set logging of the HA bluetooth manager to debug for an hour, and there has been exactly one entry for this LD2410C device, but I still can’t add it to HA.

2023-02-11 14:35:27.169 DEBUG (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.bluetooth.manager] esp-45-kitchen (84:0d:8e:0c:3e:5c): 28:BD:F4:BD:EF:90 AdvertisementData(local_name='HLK-LD2410B_EF90', manufacturer_data={256: b'\x07\x01\x16\x15\t"\x00(\xbd\xf4\xbd\xef\x90', 1494: b'\x08\x00JLAISDK'}, service_uuids=['0000af30-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb'], tx_power=-127, rssi=-95) match: set()

I’m having the same issue, with a twist. One LD2410C is working fine in HA but the HiLink App on my phone doesn’t see it. A second LD2410C is visible on the App but HA doesn’t see it. I’d like to be able to list all BLE devices connected to HA but I don’t know how to do this. Any ideas?

I have the B versions and once I soldered 5V from a butchered USB cable they showed up in HA. I do have a BT dongle and a couple of proxies, not sure what they connected to

I found that the LD2410B can only connect to one device. Disable HLK LD2410B integration if you want to see the device on your phone.
The same is true in reverse.

I thought about the same thing, and powered up another LD2410C and avoided connecting to it via the phone app. A bluetooth proxy is sitting right next to it, but still no trace of the device in the logs.

So far, I have the sensor next to the HA in the test and it connects well to the BT Rpi4 on which the HA is running

Mine has an unusable range for BT. Other devices work just fine even with multiple walls between them and proxy. With this sensor, I need a direct view of the BT proxy, otherwise it won’t work… Do you guys have the same problem?

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I have been doing some more testing with this device (B and C versions and original with no Bluetooth) I have managed to get B&C to connect to HA over ble but connection is unstable. Initially, connection drops then reconnects every few seconds until connection becomes permanently unavailable. After this the only way I have managed to reconnect is after a reboot of the HA host device (Synology NAS)

However, connecting via ESPHome seems really stable and works well. Not quite so neat as you need the esp device connected but it works! I have only managed to do this with single wire I/o connection. Next step is to see if I can hook up UART to give better control. I have found this GitHub - rain931215/ESPHome-LD2410: ESPHome LD2410 mmWave Radar Sensor Custom Component but it appears only to connect tx and rx with no sensor connection?

Anybody else tried this esphome code?

Overall, when it works, the LD2410 looks like a really good presence detector with quick response.

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Mine is automatically detected in Home Assistant as it has Bluetooth build into the NUC
But when i click on configure it won’t work

I tried this before I realized that there where versions with BLE,
I used the Rx and Tx connector on the 2410 and Esp
It gives me some sensors like shown below
But the “Occupancy” sensor doesn’t really work i made a automation using the detected distance and triggered my lights on if it was above 30cm or so

I have the same issue. HA discovers the LD2410B but will not then connect to the device to add to HA

I’m experimenting the same error too… not in previous HA releases

I was having the same issues last night with LD240B (v1.7xxxx firmware). I was still running 2023.2.2…but I noted that there were two updates in 2023.2.3:

And 2023.2.4:

Obviously the first two are related, not sure about the last one in 2023.2.4.

I updated to 2023.2.5 today, and now I can connect, and get updates. Its been connected for about 10 minutes, so not exactly exhaustive. But, its better than I was getting yesterday.

I’ve switched my 2 x LD2410C to ESPHome for now. This seems to be stable. It only exposes 1 entity for occupancy ( or presence if you prefer) but it is still possible to configure the sensitivity etc. on an Android phone through the HiLink App. Interesting what you say @tom_hampton re the latest update. I have a couple more LD2410c on order from AliExpress so it’ll be interesting to see if I get the same results using ble with these.

I only get about 30cm bluetooth range from my LD2410B which is pretty poor. I can leave it next to the bluetooth stick but it just loses connection anymore than that. Bit disappointing but nothing a d1 mini won’t solve.

Edit: Seems to be similar to what others here mention and the app finds it across the room, just not the HA bluetooth integration (unless it’s next to it) so maybe there is hope in a firmware update…

The BT range is the same between phone and HA for me, it is not just a few cm, but like 1-3 meters. However, it is still bad.

Odd, I’ve seen many a complaint over the BT distance. I’ll probably connect to a D1 mini which is a shame given the compact size.