Ledvance WiFi bulbs

Is it possible to integrate them in HA?
The android app is called LDV WIFI.
I read that they use tuya protocol but I can’t add them neither in tuya app nor in smart life app.
The bulb seem to react to the app searching for devices - it goes from fast blinking to steady on after about 10 second since device discovery but after the 2 minutes timeout it says that the device xxxxxxxx is not compatible with the app.
It seems the zigbee version are quite popular but the wifi ones not so much.
I’ve bought a set of 3 because I need high light output and they are rated 1521lm.
The zigbee ones only 806 lm.
I really want to use them inside HA :slight_smile:

I believe I read tuya changed the developer site but I believe there may be a new method at the bottom of this thread… this original method did work for me a couple months ago…

Not sure if it helps, but I have one of the Ledvance wifi only bulbs (e14 sockets, RGB), and am unable to get them to connect to HA.

I was trying to follow the tuyapi instructions, but I wasn’t even able to install the prerequisite npm and node instances; would always return with an error; was never able to execute the “Npm” command.

I have tried all the steps mentioned here for my 6 Ledvance Smart+ Wifi bulbs as well - none work in Tuya at the moment.

It doesn’t seem like Osram is interested in continuing the support for Tuya or an API of their own :frowning:

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