Looking for Smart Hose Timer recommendation

So I have been reading here and there but so far cannot say I have found what I need. I have a few hoses and sprinklers at home which I need to manually start/shut down. Of course, I would like to automate that but cannot find the right one that integrates fine with HA, is not expensive (since I will need at least two or three of those), and do its job. Searching on Amazon is craziness because of how many of these things you can find (this is my search, if it does not work just search for Smart Hose Faucet Timer).

Can I get a few recommendations before I go ahead and order something that does not integrate with HA?

Currently I have my eyes on:

But again the cheaper the better for me, thanks in advance

I’ve been using the B-Hyve for over a year, and I have been pleasantly surprised. They are currently off for the season, but I need to get them all running for the growing season. As soon as I do, I will share my dashboards

Is there an HA integration for those? Could you share your setup or a start guide for this ones?

It’s a HACS integration.

It’s pretty easy to setup. Just follow the directions on the GitHub.

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To control one tap for animal watering I am using an off the shelf dumb solenoid, an off the shelf 12V power supply, and a Shelly RGB2. No cloud required! Shelly connects with wifi and integrates easily with HA.

@RayHollister cool gonna try first with just one and see how it goes if it works like yours then will go for a second one :slight_smile: thank you

I’d love a link if you still know where you got it! I was looking for one for a while.

Hi Ray

I’m using a K-Rain solenoid. Not sure what country you’re in but here’s the link to my local source:


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May I know the exact model you are using? I have had the Orbit 21004 in my Amazon cart for a while but haven’t bought it yet. Is there also an Orbit 21005 model, the only drawback? Both are expensive for such a simple task :neutral_face: but I need them because I forgot to turn off the faucet days ago and it was on for about 2h

what is this? can you post a link for this too? I find it on Amazon but not sure I get the right item. For the valve does this one looks good to you?

This is the Shelly RGBW2 relay: Shelly RGBW2 - All Products - Products - Shelly

Note I’m having some unreliability with my setup - I’m not sure that the Shelly is passing through sufficient voltage to open the solenoid (I can always hear the whine of the solenoid trying to open, but sometimes it doesn’t actually open). I’m going to try with a 24V AC power supply (more suited to the solenoid), plus a relay which can pass the 24V AC to the solenoid and be controlled by 12V DC, so I can still use Shelly (12V DC) as the trigger for the relay.

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Hey @RayHollister I know is being a while but did you start your B-Hyve smart hose already? I would like to take a look. Haven’t bought mine yet :man_facepalming: so far I am doing all manually which sometimes I forgot to turn watering off and my entire garden is getting water till the next day, plants are happy tough my water bill is not so happy heh

Lucky you your water is cheap! Depending were you live - having the tap open a hole night can easily add over $100 to the bill - so in that case you probably only forget one time to close the valve and after that you find yourself checking all valves couple of times a day if they are really closed :wink:

ESP + Relay + Valve = ~$10 and just add esphome to the sauce :flying_saucer:

Also easy to scale, for example I use one ESP + 4 Relays + 4 Valves = :sweat_drops:

:rofl: I already forgot to shut them off a couple of times that’s why I am looking for an automated solution. My home has an irrigation system but is not working (the pump is burned and fixing it is a LOT of money). Is something I will do but not right away.

Agreed, can you post more info on these ones? as for example what are exactly you using so I can google it and take some ideas?

Thank you

Check the links in my post as it features photos and more details :point_down:

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Note this setup with an off the shelf valve, off the shelf 24v AC power supply, and Shelly RGBW has been successfully topping up an animal water trough twice a day for over a year now.