Mi Magic Cube - Deconz (45+ actions!)

Thank you for your kind words! Of course, you’re right. Must have mixed things up in the lots of copy->paste->edits the blueprint is made of.

I will try to change the code asap. I might have time tomorrow

It is fixed. Thank you @BjoernM !

I actually haven’t used the cube since I wrote this blueprint

Thank you @bergstrom !

I actually haven’t used the cube since I wrote this blueprint

That the cool thing about blueprints. Even if the original coder is not using the code, others can benefit!

I am using the Magic Cube now as input device for a bluetooth speaker. With each side of the cube i can choose a web radio station. Turning left set the raises the volume, and turning right …

This way my little bluetooth speaker becomes a nice radio in my kitchen.

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first of all, great job, but is it possible to make the both rotations side dependend?
I will have the movement options for every device that will be choose at which side is shown.


I’m sure it’s possible with some variables being set depending on the side that is down. You are welcome to edit my blueprint, I don’t really have time and energy to test it out.

For future reference, on Jan 20 Mikkel Møller discovered 51 actions in total, jumping off the work done in this topic.

Hi @bergstrom,

thank you so much for this great blueprint. Now it’s so easy to control spotify.

I’ve just one question: Is it possible to retrieve the information from the cube, on which side I do the rotation? So I could extend the blueprint and adjust the volume on side 1 and control the brightness of a lamp on side 3.

Thank you

Edit: It won’t work well - reddit

Hello, I guess It is possible With some input booleans to Keep track of its whereabouts

If anybody finds this handy - I just checked which side is which (using aqara if that makes any difference). Thanks!


Double tap does not work for me, has anyone had this issue and found a solution? The double tap is registered and triggers the automation but the action does not run. The slides, shake and fall work great though.

Edit: never mind, tapping the wrong way :wink: Not recieving double-tap events into home assistant from an Aqara Magic Cube · Issue #3084 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub

Hey, just wanna share some information about this Blueprint:

I was trying to use my Aqara Magic Cube MFKZQ01LM (im using it with Deconz on a docker and integrated that to HA) in HA and i used this blueprint: deCONZ - Xiaomi Aqara MFKZQ01LM Cube Controller
But then i read that you can actually use all different sites of your cube so i tried this integration here but i didnt work.
But then i realized why: You need to disable/delete the other deCONZ Automation and just activate the Mi Magic Cube Automation. So there must be only 1 Automation active otherwise it doesnt work.

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Hmm, I get most of the things working but not rotation. There is nothing happening in the event viewer when I listen to deconz_event when I rotate the cube. Does anyone experience the same thing?

I would try re-pair the cube. Try to rotate/shake/flip while pairing

Hi I do not see the device, any hint?

Sorry, have been off from the forum. Can you see it in other places in HA?