MiFlora Sensor Plant Database


I’ve had the idea of starting a collaborative plant database for the MiFlora plant sensor.

I’ve added 5 plants I currently have in my home and the according values (based on experience) for moisture and a link to the image of the plant from Wikipedia. Values for conductivity are currently empty because I’ve never fully understood what it does.

Maybe it’s possible in the future to automatically fetch the image and values directly from Homeassistant when setting up a plant monitor.

Feel free to contribute.

Xiaomi Mi Plants Monitor Flower

My view is that conductivity is to determine if you need to add fertilizer to the soil, or replace the soil altogether.

Perhaps it’s possible to tap into the mi flora database and pick some values? There used to be a database for the parrot flower power device, but it seems to have shut down.


Isn’t it possible to somehow retrieve the database from Xiaomi? The MiFlora app already have a great amount of plants already laid out with all the values. Sadly I don’t have the knowledge to even know where to start getting that info into HA…


So far as I can tell, that information isn’t stored locally on the device (the database doesn’t show anything). It must be stored in their cloud.


Maye it’s stored on device with miapp <= 5.0.0? Like for the token for some devices ?


Not a programmer, but some things I found that may be useful:

Decompiled Android app: http://www.javadecompilers.com/data/22.05.18/5234289d435797051e8dcf5b4d2ba0f8/FlowerCare-5.3.0-APKTurbo.com_source_from_JADX.zip
Mirror: https://mega.nz/#!RRtXUARS!6b3eeNa5XfJvhj6lRa_o_DciShwdZdOMnSvhkGtybYQ
Looks like a key file: https://hastebin.com/ufuneyokaf.java
Some work already done figuring out the JSON request: Xiaomi Mi Plants Monitor Flower
Related Android apps:


That was the database I checked – didn’t see anything.


we’ll try to contribute for some plants.

any luck so far on polling https://api.huahuacaocao.net/api ?