MQTT 5.11 issue

Was only joking.
And I do get the nervousness you’re experiencing, I had that twice during the beta, when without any notification in the log the DB was migrated. Some users showed they had a warning in the log, but I couldn’t see that, so had no clue why it took almost 8 minutes.

What worries me more is why no-one is bothered to check the MQTT issues with 5.11, even after some heavy talk in the Issue, that seems abandoned by the dev’s and Mosquitto 5.1.1add-on is broken

and not even rolled back…

^^^^this^^^^ please help

Sorry, but I don’t understand this. How can I /we help you?

can confirm that, upon cogneato’s suggestion in Discord, deleting the 5.1 add-on, (copying the config) and re-installing (the now new 5.1.1) Add-on with the copied config, everything is running smoothly. NO errors in the log, and all topics are live.

I’m not sure there were any errors in logs. Just disconnections from mqtt.

Has anyone on discord explained why update doesn’t work while installing from scratch does? Are they going to fix update in next mqtt addon build?

Afaik there are users for whom installing from scratch doesn’t work.

Why there is no officiall message about it in dedicated forum thread? Is there a presumption that we have to use discord rather than forum?

well, I for one had these errors MQTT - Timeout waiting for mid · Issue #39847 · home-assistant/core · GitHub and they are gone now.

As for the other questions you ask, I believe they are very valid, and many are not answered yet, and even if there is something of an answer, as I just got, it is more of a solution than an analysis, and not very well published.
And yes, Discord seems to be the place were you can be in more direct contact with the devs than the community. Thats why many users here feel somewhat frustrated more often lately.


It is not a bug for everyone. Maybe no one in the dev community can reproduce it.


Maybe their taking the advice you gave earlier in the thread.

Please be so kind not telling me what I have to do in my free time. You are not entitled to so. In some circles it may be even cosidered to be bad behaviour.

Maybe. We don’t know it since devs don’t communicate about this even on github.

Yes. they are entitled to do so: with all related consequences.

I’m seeing no issues with MQTT either and I just today migrated all my Sonoff to use the Tasmota integration… apart from it being a pain in the arse it was pretty smooth and I’m not running deprecated system anymore so pain now= less in future when everything inevitably breaks hard.

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fwiw, I decided to downgrade once again to MQTT 5.1, because as was noticed here, something is making the Broker connect much slower (45 secs vd 5 sec).
Not saying it is broken, but 5.1 behaves much snappier in that aspect. @maxym tagging you because you were involved here too

Ive been bemused by this to say the least as I don’t see any issues at all. Seems most people with issues are on HA OS?

I’m on Ubuntu with this issue

If a car suddenly cannot reach more than 80km/h … it’s considered broken. And nobody is calling service saying: “not saying it is broken, but is not as fast as before”. IMO we should call names as it deserves.

Anyway thank you for tagging me. I was in serious doubt that 5.1.1 might work properly just because it’s reinstalled. Especially without official confirmation from devs. Your saved my time.

BTW I have no problem if someone tags me. It is the first forum I know where tagging is considered unwanted and breaks forum rules. It’s awkward.

Yes - the problem is with MQTT integration from supervisor’s Store. Not with MQTT

I’m on Pi/HassOS. Pretty generic installation. I’m not using many integrations since I’m focusing on Shelly. The only thing to mention is SSD boot since half a year ago. But issues are reported by lot of people. Often reported to Zwave or ZigBee related threads even forums, by users using integrations based on mqtt, because a lot of them didn’t figure out that the mqtt integration is causing problems.

I am using that with no problem.

You’re lucky than. But how this information may help resolving the problem?

It indicates there is something else causing the problem… Sometimes the problem isn’t the problem. There seems to be other common factors which is probably why the addon hasn’t been rolled back and why it doesn’t affect everyone.

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I’m sure devs know very well that it doesn’t impact every user. Otherwise it would fail on their desks, allowing them to fix it, wouldn’t it?

I’m afraid the only meaning your message has is that it’s our problem 'cause it works for others. Therefore it might have impact on importance of the issue.

No it’s another data point. You are blaming something that isn’t necessarily the problem or it’s a combination of things causing it and you have just made mqtt addon your whipping boy.