NAS mount on HASS OS

Been there, not possible. Waiting for your findings :>

Even better than copying backups and other large files off-board would be never to create them locally in the first place. Especially in the case of an SD card running HA. But even if you had an SSD or hard drive, a backup is useless on the drive that you’re trying to restore.

I did submit a Feature Request suggesting this. Please up-vote if you agree. Obviously that FR would be much easier to implement if this one was implemented, first.

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For backups I use Samba Backup add-on, it can copy and maintain backups on external nas (hassio-addons/samba-backup at master · thomasmauerer/hassio-addons · GitHub).
Still I’d love to see possibility to access nas natively by HA for other add-ons(i.e. Plex, Motioneye) and handling other big files or use HA media functionality

The Samba Backup add-on is great, but as I mentioned above, it does not resolve the issue this FR addresses.

Specifically talking about backups, we shouldn’t need to copy them to external storage. We should be able to create them there in the first place. Maybe if this FR were implemented, that could happen.

I’m sorry this post is repetitive, but I don’t want anyone to think that copying backups around is a solution. At best it’s a workaround, and for anyone running off an SD card, it makes the system less reliable.

IIRC, A dev attempted to add this during the month of wth and ran into unforeseen issues that basically put a halt to the development. From what I remember, there isn’t a one size fits all solution to this problem. The likelihood of it getting added is low because of that issue.

EDIT: Found the PR, looks like I remembered wrong, however the work has gone stale.

@petro Thank you for update, this seems that i need to find time and make automatic iso…

I am now working on new automated iso with script that will take fstab file from custom_components folder and copy it to squashedfs Home assistant. It will be very easy process. Logging will be also saved to custom_components. Will updated info here and on github.

Enjoy new tutorial and new automated image. Tested on latest HA, working perfectly.
Feel free to report problems.

Just to be clear, the above doesn’t work with the “recommended” HA OS installation method as described here, correct?

If I’m reading this correctly, it won’t allow me to mount an SMB share from an external NAS on my RPi running HA OS (and nothing else.) So it seems this would be a great workaround for some, but alas doesn’t really address the original issue for everyone. Or did I miss something?

Its recommended, not required :wink: It will work. For your setup, you would need to make a bootable USB stick and just boot it on RPI (i think its possible right?) But don’t forget STEP 1!!! just in case

can anyone tell me what am i doing wrong?
ive used the tutorial here

well i did i guess it was working, after i checked that what i see on NAS i see in the Media Frigate folder i copied allfrigate db, and all clips to the folder
but frigate stores it somewhere else i guess, i see a Frigate folder (with a bird) and also in Local media there is media/frigate folder

The localmedia/frigate - is nas mounted what i place there i see on NAS
A folder Frigate i see with a bird i cant find it and frigate uses it to store clips videos etc

i used filebrowser docker addon to search and all i found is that folder that is nas mounted

From what i have researched only my solution works, maybe if somebody can comment on it.

Do we finaly get it?
Media nas storage?

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it really looks like it, been waiting for this since my first backup LOL

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Anyone gotten this to work with Frigate on 2023.6? I can create the share, but don’t see a way to have Frigate write to it.

I’m working on docs for frigate but you just need to create a media share with the name frigate and it will work. Other users have confirmed this working.

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FYI, I created a new thread for experiences and questions with the new Network Storage feature:

I’m thinking this will be better than polluting the FR with questions and issues with the solution.

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We may have been premature cheering this resolution.

Although the NAS mount does work, the ability to use it to reduce local writes may be lacking.

There has been some testing to suggest that when mounting a remote share to do backups, the backups are not created on that share, but are created locally and then copied there.

This would not give the desired result of reducing the amount of writing to the local device, for example if it’s space-constrained or an SD card with limited lifetime writes.

You are almost correct.
The temp dir which the backup is created in is not moved, only the target (as before).
it does save the write of the complete backup file, as that is not written to /backup but your mounted storage.

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There are so many topics but so many clear answers.

Go to System Options > Storage > Add network storage.

No addon/intregration needed.

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