Neo Coolcam PIR

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Hmm, thanks for the feedback. How long do your coolcam sensor batteries usually last?


Most of them are still like new, and they were bought about six months ago. Take a look:


BTW, 3 of them are new, and include the new temperature sensor at the same price! :ok_hand:


Do you ever press the wake button, and do you ever restart home assistant? also do you buy the new sensors with temperature from Aliexpress and do you have a link? sorry for all these questions haha.


Hi again, and don’t worry, I’m willing to help. I’ve only had to press the wake button while setting up the first ones I bought but I think it was because I didn’t include these nodes directly from HA zwave configuration option ‘add node’. Once I did it that way, I didn’t have more issues in this regard.
And yes I bought the new ones from AliExpress, here:

NEO COOLCAM NAS-PD02Z z-wave Plus Sensor de movimiento PIR Detector eléctrica domótica operado onda Z movimiento del sistema de alarma sensor


Maybe the problem is that I wake it up everytime I restart HA and the wake up drains the battery. Thanks for the reply, I’m going to buy a second one with the temp sensor and test it out.


Great! Try the new one, hope it works well. Temp sensors are working great for me.
The steps I take to configure it:

  1. connect the battery and wait a few seconds
  2. press ‘add node’ on HA zwave menu and wait a few seconds.
  3. then having the sensor near your zwave-hub press 3 times the ‘wake up’ button of the sensor.
    If you do it this way, after 30 seconds or so, the node should appeared as ‘complete’ and already working inside HA, and you shouldn’t need to wake up the sensor at all.


I’ve had the same problem with mine. Battery drains within a month. Seems to drop in chunks, was as 83% yesterday and now 54%. Haven’t been able to figure it out, maybe a dodgy batch?


Yes! I have this problem too sometimes. Right now its at 83% for the past week or so. Hope it stays like that for at least a month


I’ve read this thread a few times and I’m having the same problem. I’ve got three NEO Coolcams working right now (one still in the box) and most of the functions work fine:

  • Movement: fine
  • Temp: fine
  • LUX: not fine at all

I can change values by waking op the coolcam and saving them in a bit of trial and error way and LUX is set to ten, but the LUX won’t change over the time of day

All of the devices are in Cacheload mode, is that something that has to change?

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All my Neo Coolcam PIR sensor work fine now. Your parameters seem fine to me but I think they should appear as COMPLETE on the z-wave config menu. Take a look at mine: